A Scene In The Class.

Saqib was a Homesick guy And For the First Time In His Life he Went To An Unknown City For Some Purpose.And There he Came Across many Situations.So I am Here Writing One Of His Scenario That He Went Through in his Class Where He is Used to Go.So Here It is a Conversation between him and his inner Soul I guess??

Sitting on the chair
He Was Thinking
                                               Thinking what?
About Life
and Suddenly
He Saw
                                                      Saw What?
He Saw A Ray Of Light
For The First Time he saw her smile
She Was Her Batchmate
She Is Cute
isn’t she
                                        How Could I know?
Shut up
He asked that To himself
He Felt Refreshed
And luckily
She Sat Behind him
                                                        And then?
He was going mad
And then he controlled himself
                                                       And Then?
Sneaking at her
Again and again
Again And again
Until he concluded
                                            Concluded what?
That he was in..
                                           He was in what??
                                              You mean love?
Ya he had gone completely
Numb in her love
                                        It can be affection?
No it wasn’t
                                     Oh great Then what?
Then he realised
He had a problem
He can’t confess

                                                          But why?
                      He didn’t have guts to do so?
                                         Or was he a loser?
No he wasn’t
He was afraid 
                                               Afraid of what?
Of losing his Virginity and Modesty
And Moreover He can’t compete
With her expenses!!!
                                            But he loved her?
Ya indeed he did
He could only do one thing….
                                          And what is that?
Could stare daily at her with his innocent eyes…
And utter his name…

Muneeb Zargar

Muneeb Zargar

My name is Muneeb. Proud Storyteller from Kashmir & an Electronics Engineer by choice.

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