It Was Primal Hours When My Puffed Eyes Opened Up.
Watching Through the Broken Glass 
Of Shattered Windows, 
Night was Gone With Sullen Aura
Ecstatic Sun Was Up And River Was Flickering
Birds Were Ranting To eachother 
And Pigeons Were Nibbling that Versed Food On the Roof Of that Desolate House.
Lobby Was Full of Soundlessness And 
I Stepped Out Of the House.
As I Was Walking Through The Road
Wind Was Breezzing And Tossing The moldy Leaves Of That Very Old  Tree 
Ants Were Coming Out Of their Home’s
Students Were Waiting For their School Buses 
And Swiftly Wind Was Tossing My Face 
I sat Down Near A Tree 
MeanWhile I was Observing This Scenrio 
Two Budding Fellows Sat Infront Of  Me
One Among Them Was A Guy With Fine Personality Wearing  a Jeans and an Branded Torren Shirt.Other One Was  With Quite  Simple Dressing With An Old Spectacles Not Matching With The Present Fashion Society.The Lustrous Sun Was Falling On Their Faces.MeanWhile as they Were Vocalizing with eachother i came To Know Their names..The Guy with New look Was Mursaleen And the Quiet one was Hamza….The Morning was Going Unplanned ….Birds Had Started to Chatter.Leaves Of That Old Elated Trees Were Tossing Eachother
 Both Mursaleen And Hamza were Observing this Morining Scenrio And Suddenly Hamza’s Phone Beeped up ..He turned on the  phone screen And Suddenly Just After Reading the message
His eyes turned red and face turned yellow
Tears Started To Spill From His Eyes
He Started Screeching And Drubbing His Chest
His Elation Of enjoying that Morning Went Off
Mursaleen who was with him tried to Serene Him Down And mildly Asked Him….Hey What happened??….He Was Still Crying And His Eyes Was Full Of Tears.
.His Throat Was Chock Full Because Of Screeching So Much…Taking Some Sips Of Water He Finally Spoke Up With Wistful Voice Buddy Adversity Has Just Came Upto My Door Steps…Mursaleen again Inquired Why Buddy? Why You Saying Like This?….Hamza Answered Because destiny doesnt want me to go back To The Place Of Happiness ,to The Place Where I Enjoy Every Breathe I Take,To The Place Where No Matter How sad i am My Loved One  Are Always there to cheerish me up,,To The Place Which I Ow  a thousand Places,,,To The PLace Which People Call Home and I Call Heaven…Mursaleen Because of alarm And curiosity Asked Why Are You Saying this? And Who is Blocking You To Go to Home?..Hamza Replied Buddy I just received the message from airlines my flight got cancelled Due To Some UnAvoidable Circumstances In My HomeTown.As Soon he Said This Their Was A Silence For Some Time Mursaleen Didnt Know How To react And How To Calm Down Hamza..He Was Puzzled And Inspite of that he Replied And Said Dnt Worry We Will Arrange Another One On Some Other Day…Hamza Drubbling His Chest Started Crying And Screaming Replied No Its Not About that its Because I needed To Reach Home On that very day In Screeching Voice He Said Because  My Mother is very ill,,I wanted To Be there With My Loveable Mother In her Painful Moments in Home Sweet Home like she always is for me And  now I have to stuck in this Misery Place..Mursaleen who was in Jolt After hamza Said The reason for going home was Still listening to him and Said….Be calm bro everything will be alright and started to serene him..Watching This Scenrio i was feeling a sewere saddness for hamza as he was going through such a sudden situation which neither he can delay nor he can delete..
Hamza Replied Back and Said in agony No it can’t be why the hell it always happens to me
why? why? why? and In Anger he picked up the Phone And Said let me call dad and just inform  him about this Atrocious news.. Mursaleen Said ok and Hamza diales the Number And Called up his dad 
Phone Ranged And His Father Picked up The Phone 
 Hey Dad 
How Are Your
                                             I am Fine Son U say 
I am Fine Dad i have to tell you some
Bad News
My Flight Has Been Cancelled And Now 
I can’t Come Their For my Mother Who Needs His Only Son This time.
(He Said In Crushed Voice)
                                                        But why son?
I don’t know dad why the hell it always happens to me
                              It’s ok son keep calm I will do                                 something           
                              just be calm and happy
No I can’t my all plans are collapsed now
                    just be calm son give me a Moment
ok dad as u wish.
he was upset
Hamza disconnected the phone and took a deep breath..haaaa ahhhhh….Mursaleen who was behind him and was listening to Hamza’s and his Dad’s conversation said be Calm  Everything will be alright!!. Hamza replied and said I Desire so….
MeanWhile In That silence Hamza was thinking to himself and He was sad wide inside.His Face Which Was Full of Happiness A hour Before Was Now Full Of bitterness and saddness..After A Long Patience And Wait
he got a call ,,,first he didn’t pay attention as he was lost deep inside in his sad thoughts just after mursaleen pushed him and made him realise his phone is ringing then he picked up his phone and said
Ya dad what is it?
                               His dad sad said son be                                          joyous…i have a valuable                                        news for you
Really Dad what is it
his eyes got bright 
                               Now You Can Come To Home
i have arranged a new flight for you on same date!!
thank you dad soo much
                                       No Worries Son Just Be Happy Always that is what Matters to me.
sure dad and he disconnected the phone
hamza screamed like a child 
and was jumping and laughing 
he was in state of happiness
his eyes were bright and shrinked due to so much happiness and he was full of joy
i was myself enjoying the scene and was really joyous in seeing the SUDDEN HAPPINESS that came to hamza’s life in such a surprising way..

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