Pretended Friendship

…Ankita and Akash, both were science students and they both
became friends after they met in their respective college as they both took
admission in the same college. So after talking to each other in
college for a
week or so; Ankita and Akash decided to exchange their phone numbers as the
foundation of trust was finally build between them. So they started to Talk to each
other on social networking .Months passed and they
became best friends,,,,, the strong bond started to develop between Ankita and
Akash. They started to share their personal life and many other things with
each other. More than two years passed and Akash started to feel something for Ankita
but he was afraid of losing the friendship as most people do. And maybe Ankita
had the same feeling but as the world knows girl never express her feeling even
if she is dying inside…Akash used to share every single thing with Ankita and
he was expecting same from Ankita…Akash thought that Ankita used to share every
single thing with him like Akash did as they were best friends and in between
two best friends there is no place for a secret,,,every single thing should be
shared that is
 what best friendship
Loyalty! But….one day this happened!!!!!
Early in the morning

 Akash as per his routine woke up in the
morning and texted Ankita!
Hi how are you
                                            : Ankita
                                            Hey hi i am fine you say
I am fine.
Had your tea?
What are your today’s plans?
                      : Ankita
Ya I  drank my tea early in the
                           just dressing up
you are going somewhere?
                                            :  Ankita
have some imp work.
Akash :
ok as u wish.
                                               :   Ankita
Ok talk to you later
Let me take shower
And my tea.
                                                  :   Ankita
                                                  okzzz bye 🙂
Akash put his phone on charge and went to bathroom and after
that had his breakfast. As it was Sunday, so Akash was at home.
And he got nothing to do except surfing internet whole day
and watching favourite
Movies again and again. Akash grabbed his phone in his hand
and checked his
Facebook account when he found something, something that he
didn’t thought about, something that will make his life hell in next few hours.
So what he saw was an unexpected post of a guy on Ankita’s Facebook
timeline. Akash started looking into that guys account as he was feeling
insecure and he checked his account but he didn’t get who was that guy and how Ankita
knew that guy? Akash downloaded the profile picture of that guy and saved it in
his phone. He later on texted Ankita on whatsapp and what happened next let’s
Hey WhatsApp up?
                                       :  Ankita
just came from market.
I am really upset with you 🙁
                                          : Ankita
                                     Why? What happened dear?
(Akash send the picture of that guy)
Do you know this guy????
                                 : Ankita
                      Ya I know him,
but you first tell me
    How you know
this guy and where from you got this??
 No you first tell me
how you know this guy?
 And you told me that you didn’t have any male friend except
 Why the hell you lied to me???
                                     : Ankita
                          Oh! Please stop behaving like a child.
                                     And first tell me
                                     How you know him??
                                I will tell you everything about him.
I have asked the question first . So you must answer me
first so tell me??
And how many things you have kept hidden from me??
Tell me.
                                       : Ankita
                                        Why you behaving
like this??
the hell I should tell you everything
                                        I can’t
tell you everything like I when I went to bathroom
                                       These are little things be mature Akash                                                                                                     You are
making me angry
So what you want me to do after all this
I don’t have right to ask you this
Then why the hell I am in your life
And you think it’s a little thing for me?
And I am acting like child ha!!!??
Do I even exist in your life??
                                           : Ankita
stop this shit I don’t have time
                                           for all this.I
don’t need to explain you
have become headache for me
I don’t wanna talk
Give me dam reason?
And who is that guy??
After sending lot of messages Ankita stopped replying to Akash’s
messages. Whenever Akash sent msg she sees it and goes offline. Akash was
really angry, depressed, frustrated it was an unexpected thing for akash. He
was screaming like child. Akash texted Ankitaa on every social networking ; whatsapp,viber,,facebook.etc  but Ankita didn’t reply, days passed, Akash texted
Ankita and as usual she saw msgs but didn’t reply …. Akash called Ankita but no
response…ankita even ignored akash in college. she didn’t talk to him and
behaved like she didn’t know him.. Akash did every possible thing to talk to ankita.
One week passed, Akash almost begged to Ankita even he knew it was not his
mistake this time, but as he loved her he begged her to talk. So after a week, at
around 11:00pm Akash texted to Ankita;

Please talk to me
I beg you
Please for God’s sake
Talk to me
I can’t take this anymore
Please talk 

But…No response, Ankita saw the msg, she was online for an hour
but she didn’t reply. Akash switched off his phone and went to sleep nearly at
1:00 am. He woke up and switched on his phone hoping that Ankita may have
replied but as he checked whatsapp, there was no reply and Ankita was still
online…Suddenly phone slipped off from akash’s hand and his heart beat went so
fast that he can hear it in his ears and all went black in front of his eyes.
He screamed like a child and cried continuously, he didn’t know what to do. He
was completely blank. After an hour he felt little fine. He went to sleep, but
whole night same thought was striking his mind that what was his mistake? Why
is ankita not talking to him? What if ankita leaves him? And many other heart
breaking thoughts. In the morning he woke up and all he did was, picked up his
phone hoping that ankita would have texted but again he saw nothing. He left
from home and then he went to some place just to deviate his mind but his mind
was still flashing the scenes of ankita. While thinking about all this,
suddenly the phone beeped, he grabbed the phone and his face lit up as he saw
the notification “WhatsApp chat Ankita 1 message received”. He opened whatsapp
and checked the message:

See akash I can’t take this anymore
You everyday ask these useless questions which make me go
I can’t tell you everything and explain everything
I love you and like you; you are my best friend.
You have to trust me
I don’t have energy to explain you every other small thing
Happens to me daily.
                                :      Akash
What ??how can you
say this ?/
 And what do you mean
by this?
I tell you every single thing that happens To me
So why cant you??
Then if we cant share things with each other
What is the fun of this relation? Ha!!
Tell me?
And you are not even sorry for not talking to me for a week
or so
Ankita  :
 Listen I said I don’t need to give you reasons
  Ya I am sorry for that….happy!!!
                                    :   Akash
                                     Ya its ok.
Ankita :
So what’s up?
                                     :  Akash
                                 Nothing just going back to home
Ankita :
Oh!  Where were you
have gone?
                                      : Akash
Nothing was just roaming around
 Ankita :
                                       :  Akash
                              (Seen just now)
 And the chat ended
for a while and then continued at night.So ankita and akash continued to talk again after all this
chaos.But akash still had that question in his mind, why this all
happened and didn’t he have the right to ask Ankita about her life??? What was
fun of being so called best friends? But as he was madly in love with ankita he
never inquired about this matter and neither he thought of this and after that
ankita and akash talked to each other normally.But the point is who was unfaithful and not loyal??  Who loved more ankita or akash and did ankita
love akash?? And can a girl and boy be best friends with each other?
I couldn’t get to the conclusion and perhaps I never will.
But if any of you have an answer then do Comment below and answer these
unanswered questions! Cheers!



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