Love and Texting ; Does It Exist? (PART-I)


then heart was screaming why and when did it happen that sleep has forsaken him
like bliss” – Muneeb

This is True Story Narrated to me by a
Friend of Mine I tried To Give It a Shape!!
I know everyone
loves to read a story in search of trying to reflect his or her own in that. I
also tried to do the same but I couldn’t get the proper emotions which pinched
me inside when things happened to me.I remember my childhood dreaming about
what almighty may have written for me, where would I go for studies, what would
be my profession,,who will be my friends, and the most scary and quest full
question that always used to stuck in my head was did I ever love someone??? Would
someone fall for me??? ; How will she look like??? and many other questions.
And then I met this most beautiful girl Sehreen.
                   Sehreen; to say
she was a mad, idiot and the funniest creature. I remember the first look she
showed me; she closed her eyes and kept her tongue out like a kid standing in
front of a camera who doesn’t know even know what the hell camera is..aahahhaha..Mad
she was!!!….I never knew Sehreen & I would be such a best friends and I would
fall for her…damm! Where from that came I myself didn’t know. Sehreen A full
package of love, care, drama, emotions she was…Aha! I forgot to mention my name,
myself Ubaid the only guy you will come
across in this story, hahahahah…. Sehreen belonged to Kashmir. Sehreen was an
IT student by profession. She was the most known girl in her campus because of
her personality, attitude, behaviour, intelligence and also because of her
interference in every single extra-circular activities that were held in the campus.
Sehreen belonged to a middle class family. Sehreen was living with her family not
in Kashmir but somewhere else in the world as they shifted from Kashmir to
other city due to some reasons .Sehreen  who was very beautiful that every guy in her
neighbourhood and college wanted to have her in her life but nobody could do so
as she already beated few guys who tried to do so.I never knew that I would
meet her through the social media.Yes you read it right I got to know her from social
networking. She was my Instagram follower from last one year and I too used to
follow her back .I used to like her uploads. And then once she uploaded a
story regarded that dish. A dish I loved the most and I couldn’t resist myself in texting her about how did she made that…
Me:-Hey How Did you made
Sehreen: hahahahah;
actually I didn’t made it myself, I bought it readymade from market .
Me:- Oh! Ahaha I thought
you made it yourself. Actually I love this dish that is why I thought to text
you to ask you about this,,I tried many times but failed
– Oh! No issues it’s okay
Me:- actually I don’t
have habit to inbox strangers and talk to them
Sehreen:-Haaha,,ya I know…You never texted me
its first time you have texted that too asking for a recipe. Wow! Who texts a
girl to ask her the recipe of a dish. Hahahahah..
Me:- Yup!…I am
like this..So you work abroad right? Aren’t You from Kashmir?
 Sehreen: -I don’t work abroad actually I live
here with my family and I go to Kashmir in vacations.
Me:- Okay.
– And you what do you do?
………………And the chat
continued for hours obviously leading to adding each other on Facebook.
I remember those
days I was at home for vacations .Next Morning I woke up took my breakfast and
randomly went through my Facebook account 
and suddenly  messenger head
popped up and message displayed on my phone was Sehreen’s text…I was So Happy,,Excited and Something called Mixed feelings were
going inside my mind and in between this chaos going inside my mind  I opened
the messenger head and texted back.
Me:- Hey Hi How are
Sehreen: – Fine U
Me:- Fine. So WhatsApp?
Sehreen: – Just at
College U say…
Me:- Nothing Just
leaving for college   
Sehreen :- So you
are an engineer ha!
Me :- Indeed
Sehreen :- So you
have got so many followers and you follow very less how its so that you follow
me and  texted a person which you don’t even
Ubaid gave a such
a reply that Sehreen was speechless and that made her took interest in Ubaid even
though Ubaid didn’t know that this thing will make Sehreen fall for her.


Curious Ha!!! To
know what Ubaid told her ; how she fall for her ; how Ubaid fall for her ; how
long did their relationship worked are they still friends …wait for that second
part …and Let me know how did you like story upto this and should I make the
second part or not???. Do comment,,,share and subscribe.

Muneeb Zargar

Muneeb Zargar

My name is Muneeb. Proud Storyteller from Kashmir & an Electronics Engineer by choice.

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