Love and Texting; Does It Exist? (Part-2)

So people who are reading this story first
time i prefer them to read (Part-I)
first  otherwise they won’t get anything.
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Many questions
would have arisen in people’s mind after reading the half part of the story; Did
Sehreen and Ubaid really became best friends on social networking? Did they
fall for each other? Do they still talk to each other leaving them in
curiosity? I got many texts regarding the story people telling me to write the
second part of the story. So here I am to put an end to their curiosity that
What Actually Finally Happened between Ubaid and Sehreen.
Continued from
last part…
Sehreen: – So you
have got so many followers and you follow very less how it’s so that you follow
me and texted a person which you don’t even know??
Ubaid: – Aha!
Hahaha…I didn’t know you that you were so keen to know that: p 
Sehreen: –
hahahahah. It’s nothing like that..i just asked it generally 😉
Ubaid: – Actually
there is nothing like that I followed you because I liked you or something like
that. It’s you were an honest follower and used to like photos of mine daily.
So I didn’t wanted to unfollow you
Sehreen: – Smart
Answer ha!
Ubaid: –
hahaha…nope I just told you the truth…so what do you do work or college?
Sehreen:- I told
you already I am with my family here..i am studying  IT (4th semester) and also do part
time job here..And in which semester you are???
Ubaid :- emmm…I am
in the  2nd year of
Sehreen :-Great!!
…So Where do live in kashmir?
Ubaid :- I live in
Srinagar and you ?
Sehreen:- I also
live in Srinagar but most of the times I am out country as you know I live
outside india.
Being a small town
boy with a innocent background I never came to know how it feels to fall in
love or to be in a relationship all I knew was that famous Bollywood movie dialogues
and scenarios falling rains and moving trees .indeed nothing was yet happening
to me…but indeed some mesmerising thoughts and that cherishing feeling roaming
inside me as I was texting to a girl for the first time in my life..its not
like that I haven’t texted a girl before it was like every other girl I texted
before either called me her brother or just friend zoned me…and for the first
time it was like I was on the seventh heaven and heart was going crazy singing
the song “I don’t need dollar bills to have fun tonight”…
It was only 3rd
day me and Sehreen were talking to each other I felt different as if some drug
full of happiness and energy had been injected to me. Then on the fourth day I
took the risk and asked her something
Ubaid:- hey what’s
up ?
      How is everything?
Sehreen: – nothing
yaar just getting bored in office. You say ?
Ubaid: – nothing
just packing the things up as I am leaving day after tomorrow for college ..Vacations
are over..
Sehreen:-oh! Okay
enjoy the moment than …
Ubaid: – I don’t
know why I am asking you this neither I have asked this somebody before …can
you share a pic of yours with me?. Just because of curiosity I want to see that
beautiful face behind that scarf…Can I?
Sehreen .:- I knew
something like this will be coming from your side 
…ha-ha ..but no
worries I can show that definitely no worries… just a minute. Let me click one
for you.
Ubaid: – Ya sure!.
After 5 minutes
Phone vibrated and
I picked up the phone
I knew what it was
Chat head
“Sehreen sent a
I put my hand on
my heart….it was aimlessly beating very fast as things were happening to me for
the first time.
I opened up the
messenger chat head
…. Image………
As soon as I saw
the image a tremendous amount of current passed through my body from head to
toe  as if I have saw a fairy with
ecstatic smile…..flickering face….hairs hidden under beautiful hijab… I was
shocked to see such a beautiful face in my side I was happy and on the
other side I was feeling funny as in that pic she had made a funny face taking
her tongue out and looking into that camera.
As soon as I
gained my consciousness I replied her back
Ubaid :-  Masha Allah You are beautiful…may almighty bless
you ….but let me tell you …you must be funny otherwise who sends this funny
faces for the first time to a guy you never have saw or vocalised with…
Sehreen: –
hahah…who so ever I become friends with I send them my most ugly and funny
faces to make sure they like me in every way.
Ubaid: – hahah…this
is really a new logic I have come across…but it’s really nice to have you in my
friend list.
As soon as the
days passed text between me and Sehreen started to take another way and things
started to get a little quixotic; in a friendly though.
So things began to
change and I used to think almost every day about her. Getting illusions of her
presence everywhere ….remembering her in my dreams and thinking about the
imaginary texts between me and her which in reality have 0.1% chances of
Everything was
going smooth and until one day everything changed. Something happened for the
first time in my life. Something I missed which in reality I never had.
Sehreen: – so last
night you vanished off without saying goodbye…how rude?? Huh
Ubaid: – actually I
had a lot of work of college in which I got busy and then I was feeling sleepy
and I just went to sleep than. Sorry for that.
Sehreen: – it’s okay.
Work is first…
 By the way why you looking tensed
Ubaid was shocked
he was sad but he couldn’t tell anything shock
Ubaid: – I didn’t
showed you my face. How come it’s possible you came to know I am sad???
I just felt it
Ubaid: – shut up
ha! Go and do your work …
Sehreen: – That is
what I am doing here in the office.
Ubaid: – well!!!
Sehreen: – emmm
                  So what are you doing?
Ubaid: – nothing
just try to have a nap
Sehreen: – can I help?
Ubaid: – and how
is that possible?
Sehreen: – I will
sing a song for you maybe that will help
Ubaid :- nope
thanks !
  I will
sleep on my own
[message seen]
Meanwhile I was
happy and fountains of happiness were bursting inside my heart as she said she
will sing a song for me to make me sleep that means a lot. But since I was bit
shy I couldn’t tell her how happy I was on  this comment of her.
Their again was a
pin drop silence and chat ended
[Same day few
hours later]
Ubaid: – u didn’t
even texted me back
You always need an
excuse to get away from me.
Sehreen: – I reply
you in while working in office.
Ubaid: – so what I
also reply to you while attending my classes.
Sehreen:- You
think I would require a silly excuse like this to be away from you. I want to
be with you don’t you get that idiot.
Ubaid:-shut up
Sehreen: – I said
it in a friendly way. Chill!!
Ubaid :- huh
Sehreen :- listen
Yaar please
Listen na?
Ubaid: – ya what
is it?
[5 minutes silence]
Ubaid called Sehreen
she didn’t picked it up
Sehreen: – so
today you also slept without saying goodbye
Ubaid: – I called
you didn’t pick up
Sehreen: – I am
just 6 minutes late what so big deal is
After 10 minutes
Sehreen: – don’t’
make these silly excuses…if you don’t want to talk tell me directly. But
since you have made decision to not talk I won’t disturb you
Sehreen: – I Love You …Bye
I texted you at 10
and u dint replied till 11 then I called you didn’t picked it up.
Sehreen: ok I am
Ubaid: – see I can
never find a way to go away from you because I can’t explain what you mean to
Because god dam I love you from the very first day I have
seen you and I haven’t fallen in love with your text I have fallen for your
[Pin drop silence]
Neither I nor she
texted each other for a few minutes as both knew they have accidently typed up
their feelings …
Ubaid: – see I am
insecure about you I don’t want to lose you
Sehreen: – do you
think I will let you lose me?
Ubaid you are my
life remember that.
compare with me anyone.
Ubaid: – you are a
precious prayer that almighty accepted for me
Sehreen: – blessed
to be
So things started
to happen in my life  or AKA in Ubaid’s
life ; the late night calls…the daily emoji’s and texts…good morning texts and
many more things …as it was happening for the first time in Ubaid’s life he was
in the sky. He had a very close friend who told me Ubaid give your break move
your car slowly you are moving way to fast give it a break. But Ubaid used to
say what I do I only text and call in night everyone else does it.What so big
deal…he couldn’t understand the fact until after this happened
Ubaid: – hey are
you fine?
Sehreen: – hmmm..
Ubaid: – what
Sehreen :- nothing
at office talk to you later
Ubaid :- okay
Ubaid understood there
is something wrong going on
Later on that day
Ubaid :- hey?
 After 1 hour
Ubaid :- what
happened ?…reply back?
Sehreen :- I have
a headache ..bye
Ubaid :- okay.
Another day
Ubaid :- are you
fine ?
After few hours
Ubaid :- reply?
Ubaid called her
Call terminated
Again called
Call terminated
Again called
Call ended
Ubaid got frustrated
He texted
Ubaid :- please
Ubaid :- what is
tell me?
After 2 days of continuous
calls and texts Ubaid texted
Ubaid :- enough is
enough i cant take this anymore
do u want to be with me or nor do u want to talk or
not ?
just tell me sincerely
or else i will step back and let u live peacefully
sehreen :- in
office will tell you later on
Ubaid :- I will be
Later that day
Sehren :-
I dnt knw why my mind is
thinking soo much i dnt knw if its because of my fear of lossing people as i
have been always betrayed at the end or my minds illusion . I want to love uh
soo much like the way you have ever been. But  i am not able to do so. I am sorry I can give
my life for you but I am not able to do this. I know I hide feelings I am
scared of this. When we were friends I was so damn happy. But the day I started
loving you was the day I started have a fare of losing you. I can’t be like this.
Can we be friends because this relationship makes me scared that maybe I will lose
you and I am not able to give that love which you deserve?
 As a soon as Ubaid read this he was crashed
down and felt like someone had thrashed him on a stone. It took him Some time
to dissolve this and then he replied back
Listen now, writing this last time. Why people
deny  fact of existence of someone in
them  , is it they are afraid of
something or is it that they have seen dawn of restlessness in them since they
took a birth of loving someone .i loved you , i was impatient , happy and
handheld i can’t deny that fact. But life doesn’t stop there, either you have
to move on from your fear or i have to move on ,this thing keeps me waiting ,
and i don’t like to  see myself falling
apart .we spend a good time, though it was short but really precious to me, maybe
someday i will cherish on our jokes we cracked in the midnight where there was
no one to interrupt in our stupid .                                                   (I would have told you this on phone but
fear of losing you turns me voiceless)
…Good bye dear!
And then Sehreen used to text Ubaid for few days.
Which first Ubaid ignored and then in extreme sadness blocked her from every
social networking.
Maybe Ubaid and Sehreen destiny written for them was to
be not together as soul mates …maybe it was Ubaid’s fault who couldn’t handle
her emotions properly. Maybe it’s fault of Sehreen who missed him or has her own
situations for that. There are so many maybes their …maybe you can get a
conclusion to this. If so then don’t forget to comment below. And tell me how
you like this story.
Thank you.

Muneeb Zargar

Muneeb Zargar

My name is Muneeb. Proud Storyteller from Kashmir & an Electronics Engineer by choice.

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