Destiny : The Plan Changer

It was a sunny day and i

was trying to find a vehicle which would go to the place that i was visiting
for the first time.And Finally after a half an hour of asking people where I can
find the sumo that leads to my destination i found it near the famous Batmaloo
Chowk. I sat down next to the driver and tried to be more polite and clear with
him so that he can drop me at the proper destination
Meay chu tengpore chowk taam gasun.meay trave zeave tati  barabar
Meaning: I want to go the
Tengpora chowk. I don’t know where it’s. So can you drop me there?
He Replied:
Ahansa keh chune pareveay. Behviv tueh araam saan
Meaning: Ya ya no problem
I will drop you there. Just Relax.
I took a deep breath and kept
myself busy with my phone keeping in my mind that driver would aware me whenever
my stop will reach and where I have to step down as that’s what he assured me
of. But foolish me i forgot that people say never trust,
Driver and Butcher Community
They never do what they
say. So after 15 mins of travelling I told the driver
wane koutha time lagey beay
Meaning: How much time it
will take more to reach my stop?
He gave a little few
second pause with a confusing expression and said
heay gabur tueh asuv neah yuehtean wasun..meay gove masheede,, waliv
wasiv tueh yetean aper ken kasi zeav gade”
Meaning: Son! I forgot
you had to drop before three stops. Now don’t worry you drop here and you can
get a bus here to reach back to your particular stop.
I was very angry with him
but because i was already getting late i gave him the fare which obviously was
higher as because of his mistake he dropped me three stops ahead.
Now the mystery was where
the hell he had dropped me?
As I had been to this
area for the first time i didn’t knew where i was and what this stop was called.
I thought to ask people around me but I found it little shameful thinking if I would
ask people what is this place this is how they would react
“kyazi cxe chuke neah
kashher hundh…amiricca peath chuk amuth “
Meaning: Aren’t you from Kashmir?
Have you came from America?
So inspite of asking
people I thought calling my friend so that he can help me out where I was and
tell me how to get back to my I called him and as expected his
phone was switch off. But thanks to almighty my phone battery was enough to
turn on my mobile data and use the google technology ; google maps. Thanks to
this technology which had helped me many times I opened the google maps and pressed
the my location icon. It took 10-15 seconds to load my location and it showed up
Your location:
Thanks to google I figured
how to go back to my destination and I crossed the road and waited for the bus
to come hopefully this time a right one. Till now I was wondering why did it happened.
Why I am here? So many unquestioned questions were revolving round the mind
Why such a experienced
driver who daily goes from this road forgot to drop me at my stop inspite of
telling him a fewer times and meanwhile I was lost in my thoughts in a broad
light day on the road, and suddenly on the opposite side of  the road i saw a street vendor who was selling
a famous roll called
“Chole Masala”
 (A mixture of white
channa rolled in a bread with some chutney)
I had come from home with
a nice and heavy breakfast. I wasn’t hungry neither i wanted to eat it but I don’t
know why my legs were on its own not listening to me i crossed the road and ate
one roll even after my stomach was full. As I was eating the roll a thought stroked
my mind and I smiled with myself. Meanwhile I completed the roll and gave money
to the street vendor and till now i had got all my answers to the unplanned
destination I never wanted to visit and was 4 km ahead from my planned destination. The answer was simple
On every grain is written the name of the person who will eat it
And that’s why i reached
to place which was not on my list but just because destiny had made its plan
for the day that I had to eat the grain which had my name written on it and
nobody else could have ate it even if they have wanted to.
I crossed the road, took
the bus and reached my place.
But the question was:
Why did this happen? Why driver
forgot to drop me at my place? And answer to it was:
No matter how hard you
try destiny has his plans written no one can change it even you want to. One
way or the other you will end doing the same which destiny has decided for you.
fate and it will happen some way or the other”
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