The Last Cutlet (Part 1)

Everyone in the room was
enjoying the last moments of the hostel, gossiping , shouting , clicking selfies and beating each
other randomly as if there was no tomorrow. I myself was posing with a fake
smile so not to look odd in the moment with a serious mood. But a war was going
inside me I was fighting with myself trying to figure out how i will face her for last time which i never wanted to be last.
Anisha!! A Drama queen.
She was full of drama but hidden inside her a lot of caring which always made
her different from others.
Anisha and I were batch
mates but we never vocalized with each other for first three years and except each
other’s names we knew nothing about each other.But in the last year of our
college we had knew so much about each other .Once Anisha needed some assignment
and I still remember she walked towards me in the lab and said
Anisha: Dinesh yaar please
muhjey woh notes send kar deyna
(Meaning: Dinesh please
send those lab notes)
I couldn’t either tell
her yes or no. I even didn’t had her number but i somehow managed to get his number
which is not a big deal to get in boys hostel hahahahah.. And send her the
notes. That is where it all started and we became best friends I never knew I would
be so emotionally attached to Anisha that her payal is still safe with me today
never letting me forget her phase in my life. 
Coming to the story I was meeting
Anisha for the one last time tomorrow and I was still figuring out what to say
and what not to say to her to make this last moment precious for her and me too.. Belonging to the two different communities of the
society I knew and even she knew the fact we were hardly going to meet the
after the college ends which paralyzed me half inside. That night I was counting
the minutes to the last tomorrow i never wanted to come. Sun woke Up early that day
and as decided we had to meet at 10.O Clock in the college canteen. Missing my
breakfast deliberately I woke up late just to have it with Anisha i went to the
The Sun was ecstatic and there I saw Anisha sneaking inside her tablet
earphones in her ears. Beautiful she looked in that purple frock shalwar and
white dupatta. I went near to her and gave my greetings and she saw me and her
smile delivered everything in a second how tightly she wants to tie me so that I
can never let her alone. I myself was paralyzed because it was the day to say
bye to each other which was hard for both of us. 
Anisha couldn’t express that she
also had woke up late and missed her breakfast just to have it with
me but her eyes witnessed everything and
told me everything how wet her eyes were last night.
We didn’t tell each other
anything but
 knuckle cracking our hands described how nervous we were and  we took our steps towards the canteen and stepped inside the canteen.

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Muneeb Zargar

Muneeb Zargar

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