The Last Cutlet (Part II)

Continued From Part I
It was morning time so canteen was almost empty and few people there were busy in their plate.Anisha sat on the very first
table and I took the opposite chair till now we didn’t had made a single talk
to each other.
I was trying to look happier in front of her just to
hide my inner self which was sad and broken about the fact that we are meeting
for the last time.
And suddenly Anisha Shouted
: Oye! Kya khana hai tumhey mai cutlet kah rahey ho.
: What do you wanna eat I will eat cutlet)
: okay mai bi woi kah loonga
: okay I will also eat the same)
So she ordered the food and sat on the chair and I
secretly captured her picture in my phone.Stunning she was looking in that
purple dress.She took her phone started typing something and I interrupted just
to start the talk

: kitna phone chaley gi baat hi krley
: how much phone would you use …lets talk )
: haa bolo na ullu kya bolna hai
: ya say what owl has to say)
Owl she used to call me
..I still don’t believe the girl who came in white dress on the first day of
college and every other guy was following her and I enquired about her from my
friends and didn’t knew such a beautiful girl will become friend of mine . I
still remember the cake she managed to order late night for my brithday with
caption written on it (happy birthday ullu) ..Somethings never change she still
calls me ullu(owl).Once our talks were filled with happiness but today with
helplessness and sadnness  of letting
eachother go.
kaha khoogaye Anisha shouted again cutlet agaya kah ley
: hello ..where are you lost Anisha shouted cutlet is her lets eat it)
Inspite of good amount of noise in the canteen there
still was a broken silence around us which was screaming and trying to make us
talk to each other.
Before times Anisha never used to stop talking
infront of me and I also used to tease her..But today we weren’t looking to each other
as if there was something incomplete in between us.
Meanwhile I was eating my cutlet Anisha spanked a
spoon on my head and said
: Is there any empty house opposite your house ?
before she used to ask me many things but this was a
bit weird ..i for a second was confused and then said
: hahahha… why so?
I tried to defame his
question because I  was knowing why this
question was coming to me
: I just want to see you daily …..
: What? I said
…nothing nothing… I just want to see how your wife will beat you..hahah
She tried to cover her
unspoken words slipped out of her tongue accidentally. i understood all her
complain .carring and love for me in what she just said.
I replied
: hahahah okay okay. Ab bool mat jana yaad rakhna muhjey
meaning : okay. Now Don’t forget me .
remember me always)
Even she understood my
pain and love for her in what I just said.and then we completed eating that
last cutlet.
Something stuck my mind
and I told her
: Meet me in the morning I will give you something
keep it as a memory from
: hahahah itney jagdey kiya hai tumney merey saath woi kaafi hai yaadon key
: so much you fighted with me that’s enough for memories)
She explained
everything and I remained numb as I don’t had reply for that
: hahha…sorry for that but do come in the morning
She paid the bill and
we left the canteen. While walking back to hostel I said sorry to her and she
: Do remember to provide me a house
in front of your house haha…
I just smiled and
couldn’t tell her anything. I just wanted to stop the time so that I could
stare at her for lifetime.
She is beautiful.And we
walked silently to hostel and I said bye to her and she
entered the girls hostel
and walked to my hostel.
Now I was thinking I
said so that I will give her something but I had not decided what and how will I
manage so shortly.
So I walked into my
room looked into my
cupboard and took out of my favorite red inner and decided to give it to her.
The caption on the
inner was
smile is the greatest gift of all”
I wrote sorry on it in
the corner in very small font and appiled my favourite perfume on it and
wrapped it.

Next morning just
before i was leaving,  i called her and
went to her hostel gate and gave it to her.
She also handed over me
something ….It was her favourite anklet and her silver ring enclosed in it.
I just shaked her hand
for one last time and said bye which I stammered to say so , due to so much of
saddness and maybe tears which I inhumed inside
And I left back to my
hostel there my friends were wating for me and we sat in the car and left the
college gate and her face was still infront of my eyes whch was asking
why me?. After that we
used to text daily and then weekly and never which we both knew is going to
 That’s why i always say :
would have been beautiful but then distances ruined
And then recently her
birthday came and I texted three words
: Happy birthday Ansiha
And She gave reply in
three words
You Dinesh
that was the Story
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Muneeb Zargar

Muneeb Zargar

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