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The Doctor Who Had The Guts To Ask For Bribe.

Note: –
 This is a real experience I faced in my life and I am just trying to convey my thoughts regarding this. I am not in any sense pointing fingers on doctors neither questioning their profession this is just my experience and not every doctor is the same. I am neither judging their profession. I am just conveying a message that where are we going. So please read the story and Just don’t get offended. Also, share it with your friends and family on social media if you like it. Thanks
It has been a year since I got my first job. This job being my first I am trying to be the best in the position I am hired for viz I have to deal with the maintenance/servicing of medical equipment’s.
          There are many experiences I had during this year but I still remember that day when the Mr. Doctor had the guts to ask for bribe in OPD that too in front of the patient’s Mr. Doctor was attending.
So, a few months back I made a visit to a very renowned Hospital to know why so costly and newly installed machine was shut off after a few months of installation. As I reached the hospital and observed the situation. I saw people suffering because the tests were not being conducted in the hospital that should be conducted on the machine but couldn’t because the machine was shut. People had to do tests from outside private labs which obviously charge more.
          So i just went into the lab and talked to the lab in-charge about the matter and he told me that you just talk to this particular Mr. Doctor who is in charge of this lab and watch overall purchase and restart of lab equipment.
          I just stepped faster to make a conversation with Mr. Doctor regarding the same. He was busy attending the patients in OPD. So, I waited outside the OPD After waiting more than an hour I stepped inside and gave my greetings and started the conversation as follows meanwhile he was still busy in attending the patients.
Me: – Salaam. My name is Ashfaq and I am the representative of the following company and came here because of this particular machine which is shut from few months and patients are suffering.
Mr. Doctor: – Oh! okay, sit down .so who told you that machine is shut?

Me: – No one I just made a visit to the lab and saw machine is shut. Can I know why is it shut? When it is a new machine and was working satisfactorily?
Mr. Doctor: – Well there is a problem in funds we don’t have enough funds to keep the machine running.
Me: – Then why did you buy the machine in the first go if your hospital didn’t have funds and you knew machine required a monthly supply of reagents.
Mr. Doctor: – we didn’t know it would be such costly. And moreover, running a machine in a hospital like this requires some internal expenses.
Me: I was shocked by what he was telling me.
Suddenly he changed his statement
Mr. Doctor: – You however, talk to the MS (Medical Superintendent) because only he can take decisions.
I said okay and left the OPD.
I went to MS office he wasn’t there. And I decided to wait for him to come. I waited from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM and then he came I made him understand everything.
He immediately called the purchasing officer and told him to release funds and re-start the machine.
Me to Officer: – So sir how much time it will take to resume the machine.
Officer: – See I can’t do anything you talk to Mr. Doctor he can only take actions regarding this
For now, I understood they are playing the game and are coordinated with each other and they need “chai pani” (internal expenses viz bribe)
So, I again made my steps to OPD to meet Mr. Doctor to see what he has to say
This time OPD was full of patients and I just entered and said
Me: – So they said you have to take action regarding the matter.
Mr. Doctor: – I don’t know about anything you talk to MS don’t come here.
Me: – I just came from there he told you are in-charge
Mr. Doctor: it’s not a big deal. But why would I waste my time? if you are ready to spend some internal expenses(bribe) I can help you in restarting the machine
(““ yi cheay nea kah bade kathe , magar beah kyaazi kare panun waqt zaye bali.. agar dike keh teli karav keh , nate gov beale waqt karun zaye” )
What he told was shocking for me. What was more shocking was that he told this in front of patients he was attending that too loudly.
Me: – I laughed a little because of an ill talk from Mr. Doctor and said sir I am just an employee I can’t help you in this.
Mr. Doctor: Then you can leave and help yourself I can’t do anything.
It was very shocking for me what he told being a senior doctor. After that, I made several visits to Officer, MS, and other associated people but it has been a year and machine is still shut because internal expenses are not being paid yet and patients are still suffering in the hospital by paying more to perform tests from private labs.
My question is to all those corrupt doctors who got educated to help needy and sick. Took an oath that they will operate the sick no matter what. But why the Doctor profession has become such corrupted. Have you forgotten that you are answerable to your creator? What will you say to him? Where are we leading our society?
When doctors like these are in society you can’t expect society to be healthy and wealthy. I know not every doctor is like this but most are. They are just there to fill in their pockets and I have faced many experiences like this many of which I can’t even share.
This is the condition of our society where some doctors are becoming more and more wealthy and Sick is becoming more and weaker
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