I Was Turning into a Monster

I broke the mirror into pieces but still, I was looking like a monster whenever I saw  
myself through it.
The sarcasm I received for the things I used to do was going all around my head making me feel unhappy and low. I had no one to talk so I just walked back to home from the office and fought with everyone at home for no reason trying to spit out my anger. I didn’t take dinner and went to my room. The things were still roaming around my head which made me feel lonely and a loser.
        Next morning when I woke up took my spectacles that was on the side bed table and wore them. I looked into the mirror which was in the corner of the room attached to the cupboard.  I was shocked to see myself in a very weird look. 
         My hair was looking very weird; long and dirty, dry blood was stuck to my face as if blood had flown through my eyes instead of tears. I terrifyingly touched my face with my two fingers and saw them but there was no blood. But looking into the mirror it was showing blood. My eyes were dark. I was terrified I thought I am watching a dream so I pinched myself to check but it was real. I rubbed my eyes and saw again but nothing was the same.

I ran into the bathroom took a bath. As I came back into my room and went near the mirror to comb my hair. The mirror again showed the same reflection of me. The long dirty hair, blood on my face, black eyes. I didn’t know what to do I neglected it thinking it was my imagination and went to the office.
         The whole day I was thinking what happened in the morning and I thought of telling it to people but then I realized they already criticize me for what I am doing and after listening to this they won’t believe me further they will make fool of me. And they will criticize me more for this. Both the things were making me down and I couldn’t think of anything. 
         The day passed I went back home with the thoughts of criticism awarded by people and the weird mirror. I went into my room, slowly walked towards the mirror with tilted my head a little towards the right and not my whole body just to check does mirror still shows the same.
          And as soon as I leaned my head a little my hair looked the same as it was in the morning.
I left my head straight back while I took deep breathing and my heart was beating faster than ever. I vocalized with myself
Have I turned into a monster? but why? how? no, it’s not possible.
         I sat down on the bed and while watching the walls So many thoughts were going inside the mind that what is happening. I didn’t know when I fell asleep. I woke up directly in the morning and the first thing I did went into the mirror hoping mirror will reflect me correctly now. 
         But when I went closer what I saw was more shocking not only my hair, my eyes but now my teeth had grown longer, the clothes on my body was covered in dry blood as if my body was bleeding whole night and now the blood has dried up.
        Now, this was terrifying and shit scary to me so I just ran into the washroom again and this time I rubbed myself with soap, shampoo thinking I am dirty so I should clean myself .as I came back and saw into the mirror it was same. I was so frustrated that I tried to broke the mirror with my hand but it didn’t. I left my room in a depressing mood and went to the office.
       The whole day I was thinking about how to break that mirror and people were still the same criticizing me for my behavior and things I do which were breaking me more from inside. I went home in the evening and bought a big hammer in the idea of breaking that mirror. As soon I reached home I went into my room grabbed the hammer from my bag broke the mirror cracked up from top to bottom.
I was happy in doing that and the next day I called the mirror guy to install a new one before I will come from the office. The late night that day I reached home and went into my room. saw a new mirror. I threw my bag on the bed and went near the mirror.
But I was offended and disturbed by the fact that the new mirror also showed the same. 

          I picked by the hammer which was still in my room and broke the mirror again. I ordered online a new portable mirror but when I opened up the mirror and saw into it.
Shockingly it reflected back the same monster image of me. I threw it on the wall. I was very angry and scary at the same time on what was happening with me.
Suddenly a thought struck my mind
           Maybe I have been cursed or someone has done black magic on me.
Without thinking anything I looked for a monk who could help me in this. So, looked around the whole city for the famous one and finally found one. I went there where people told me he can be. There was a long line. I also waited in the queue for my turn. as I entered inside that dark room he was wearing old torn clothes of mix colors red, green., yellow and all.
I sat down in front of him he looked into my eyes and said to me
Monk: “hey monster how are you “
I told him
Me: What? I am human being can’t you see that
Monk: Yes, indeed I can see that; but you have made yourself turn into a monster.
I didn’t know how to react because he was telling the truth
Me: So, have I been cursed or is it some black magic
Monk: He smiled a little. what’s is your problem. tell me maybe I can give you a solution
Me: see from few days whenever I see myself into a mirror I see a monster not me. I tried other mirrors but still same
Monk: oh so this your problem …come hear
I came closer and he grabbed my hand and closed his eyes
After a few minutes he said
Monk” what if I say you it’s not black magic or any curse. you yourself the reason for what you are seeing in the mirror
Me: me but how? you making me fool of me…you like other people criticizing me ha?
Monk: no don’t get me wrong just listen what I say.
Me: ya whatever
Monk: see I don’t have anything to give to you but I will recommend something to you. Stop bothering yourself with what people think or say about you. Just live your life and maybe this can help you.
Me: I remained silent and told him in an aggressive way.
What? how this will help me?
Monk: you can go now
I was thinking about what he said but didn’t find it serious. As I gave it a second thought what monk said. I stopped listening to what people said and didn’t bother myself with it even if some criticism was prodding me inside and some I neglected.
After a few days when I woke and saw myself in the mirror, I saw little change in myself with my hair fine, eyes were okay but the body was still covered in dry blood. I was happy in what monk said it was showing results. And after some more days passed I completely was not bothered now by what people say and as I saw myself in the mirror I was looking normal fit and fine.
 I was happier now with what I have and super excited with my things I have whether less or little. And not bothering myself anymore with what people said or think about me.
Moral: stop ruining yourself for what people say and how they judge. People will always do that it’s their work to do. Sometime mirror won’t show you up that you are turning into a monster but you know yourself that you internally are broken and are feared with what people say about you. Stop bothering yourself with it and live happily. Enjoy with the little things you have. Life is beautiful and short.so enjoy
“Stop bothering yourself with what people sand that is the key to a happy and happy life “
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Muneeb Zargar

Muneeb Zargar

My name is Muneeb. Proud Storyteller from Kashmir & an Electronics Engineer by choice.

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