Magic Tablet ! Everything I Wished For Happened Instantly.

Every time I used to take the tablet whatever I wished for surprisingly was happening in front of my eyes.
It was Saturday, Sun was up and I was wandering on a completely unknown and a Hush road. I was enjoying my solo walk when I suddenly saw a long endless jungle on the left side of the road. I never had been so curious to enter a jungle that too alone with nothing in my hand except a wrapper of chewing gum. 

To be happy in life and to feel safe we need to remove the barrier of fear in us. So I decided to enter the jungle and experience the fear. As I entered the jungle I broke a strong branch from a tree nearby just to feel safe for myself. I was walking through it and observing the nature very carefully, the big ants on the ground trying to crawl on my shoes, the birds making sounds. As I was walking the crunchy sound of fallen leaves being crushed by my shoes was something very weird but somehow felt peaceful. Being in the middle of the jungle feeling like no connection with the world I found myself happy in that atmosphere. Those tall trees, unseen plants I was touching for the very first time was a very beautiful thing to experience. I was walking slowly and seeing how sunlight is trying to sneak through the tall trees. As I reached deep into the jungle I saw something very scary. I was stuck in one place, I was swallowing my saliva and the chewing gum unknowingly itself went down through the throat.
There was a completely weird man with a long beard and dirty hair sitting with the tree, closed eyes, hands closed with each other as if he was meditating. I didn’t know how to react and suddenly I took my steps back just to run from that place. I wanted to experience fear but not this way that to be alone. As I stepped back he opened his eyes, called my name
“Hey Mr. Brown come sit down here don’t run”
I didn’t know what to do I walked towards him with shivered legs and grabbed that branch of the tree I broke earlier strongly in my hands just in case if anything happens wrong I can bam that in his head and run away. I sat down, he gave some pause while he was gazing at me as if he was analyzing some data from me using his eyes.
Suddenly he said
The Guy: – So why aren’t you happy in life? Why are you so impatient to get everything? Remember “Good things never happen overnight”

I was shocked by how the hell he can know that
Me: I disagreed with him just to look strong in front of him and answered NO I am not impatient. I am happy with my life.
He caught me lying as I badly stammered while I told him the same
The Guy: See there is nothing to lie in front of me I don’t know you, you don’t know me. So why to fear? You can open up in front of me.
Me: Well you said true. But what to do. I am afraid, impatient and want everything to happen fast so I can get settled soon and feel relaxed. And I can’t do anything about it.
The Guy: See things don’t happen like that. You will have hurdles in life and you need to be patient. Patience is fruitful and being in a hurry gives you nothing except false hope.
I was being impatient  again
Me: So why did you told me to sat down? who are you
The Guy: well I can tell you my identity but its not necessary for you to know that. What is important is to solve your issue.
Me: And how can you solve that?
The Guy: If I give you something that will make your things happen and if something wrong happens you need to stop being impatient and in a hurry?
Trying to avoid the face contact, staring at a tree I said
Me:  Ya whatever!
The guy put his hand in some bag he had in the side of him and grabbed some torn pieces of paper inside of which seemed to be something. He patiently piece by piece removed the layers of paper. After a while, there was some black tablets kind of thing. He looked at me and said
The Guy: Here You Go! Take these Tablets
Me: – So what is it? Any kind of black magic?
The Guy: No, it’s Not. Look what you have to do whenever you have a wish you just have to take the tablet make the wish and it will happen in a moment.
Me: Like Really? But How? I was a bit excited to know this but a little bit scary also.
The Guy: Ya it will. But remember to think before what you wish for otherwise be ready for consequences
Me: I was just looking onto the tablets and suddenly the guy hit me in the head and I surprisingly reached back on the road where I started the journey into the jungle.
I was super excited to try the first tablet. I was walking back towards home, and the mess happened inside my brain. I was thinking of one wish then others were getting ignored. I couldn’t figure what to wish for first. And meanwhile thinking about to solve this mess I reached home and entered into my room, banged my head into my bed. Lying down I figured why not try with asking for a wish that Cristina should walk to my room, ask for forgiveness and patch up. Cristina broke up with me a year ago because of which I started writing poetry just to overcome my sadness. Even I knew Cristina was married now I didn’t think of what sin I was doing. I took out the tablet and ate it. My brain was laughing on me inside and said what shit you believed in. Things don’t happen this way. I was in the confusion that what will happen and suddenly the doorbell rang. I wanted to get up but I kept the patient that someone will open up the door. I was clearly listening to the footsteps that were coming towards my room. Door opened and
                        Damm! It was Cristina.
            Her eyes were red, full of tears. I was shocked and didn’t believe that what I wished will happen. My heart was palpitating so fast that I could hear the beat in my ear. She sat down on her knees and said sorry.
Cristina: – Please Brown I am sorry, Lets patch up and enjoy our lives.
Me: – Are you mad? You are married Cristina this is not going to happen.
Cristina: She came forward gave me hug and I couldn’t resist myself in agreeing for the thing she requested for.
Things were going smooth with Cristina until one day I thought of using that tablet again and getting all the business of my father in my hand and get settled. I took the tablet and a huge fight took place in my family and I separated from my parents asking for my part on the property. I lost my parents bond but I was so lost in lust that couldn’t figure how my lust for money, beauty, and status has damaged me. I committed many other things using that tablet some of which I can’t even mention. Until one day I decided for the wish that Cristina should get a divorce from her husband Robert and marry me. I took the tablet and things happened. Now every relation of Cristina with her parents and friends were broken. We were happy even without thinking about what I did. I was busy spending the money and fulfilling my lust.
As I was very young not even in my 30’s I couldn’t handle things maturely which I got overnight. So, thinking I have everything I became addicted to drugs and many other things which ruined the entire business that I took from my father. I was out of tablets, I decided to go back to the jungle and ask the man those tablets to make things right but when I reached that place there was no jungle. I was confused, frustrated and lost. One day Cristina and I got into a big fight and she left me. I had become a loser. I drank so many bottles I could, reached into my room and fell on my bed with no consciousness in me. My head was paining so bad. tears where in my eyes, I was lost, I had no friends, no relationships, no loved ones with me who could help me to stand again. And suddenly I heard a Loud scream into my ears

Wake up! you are already late”
I woke up in steadily, breathing heavily, my heart was beating fast and the body was full of sweat.
I realized something and whispered to myself
Damm! It’s was a dream!”
and cleaned the sweat off my forehead, stood up and thanked the lord that it was only a dream and not reality
Moral: – If you are young, being impatient and in a hurry to get things. You can end up getting this messed up like Mr. Brown. So, wait and have the patience for the right time because the only creator knows what to give and when to give it to you. Remember: He is the best of planners
Note : The events depicted in this story are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental.

Muneeb Zargar

Muneeb Zargar

My name is Muneeb. Proud Storyteller from Kashmir & an Electronics Engineer by choice.

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