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Room No 212: Experiencing the Paranormal Activity!

My blanket was slipping from my legs as if someone was dragging it but when I saw there was no one present except the dark light and the irritating sound of the old ceiling fan.

       After coming back from the town, it was already 8:30 in the evening, So I decided to go into the mess and have some dinner. I took my dinner and went into my room, They Both were chilling in the room viz my roommates; Harry & Frank. I greeted them in the rough tone, took out my black t-shirt hang it over the hook of the cupboard and laid down on my bed as I was very exhausted. I used my phone for some time and then fell asleep


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          It was midnight or probably the last part of the night I think. The sound of the old ceiling fan was really getting irritating and I couldn’t switch it off as it was really hot and humid in the room so had to adjust. My eyes were closed but I felt like something was crawling on my leg I didn’t paid attention and scratched a little with my hand and grabbed the bed sheet over my head and went back to sleep. Probably 5 minutes wouldn’t have passed, same crawling thing happened again but this time I felt like as if someone was lying beside me and felt some breath on my neck, now this was very horrid. I opened my eyes in a terrified state and couldn’t turn to my other side just to see what is it as I didn’t have such guts to fight with the ghost in the dark if it was one. I was completely freaking out but I somehow managed to move my head a little to the left side and with my one eye little opened I tried to sneak to see what is it but there was nothing. I took a sigh of relief and went back again to sleep
          Immediately within no time I again felt my sheet was slipping from my body as if someone’s was dragging it, I was going mad as something happened seconds before also. This time I thought I would get up from my bed, switch on the light and see what is it. But on the other side, I was also terrified my heart was beating fast, sweat was going all through my body even though the fan was on. As soon as I lifted the sheet over my head to get up, I was in a horrid state and went completely paralyzed state on what I just saw I couldn’t believe my eyes I wasn’t able to get up. I was just laying on my bed straight covered my body with a sheet just to hide from the thing I saw.
I tried to sneak out and figure out what is it but I couldn’t see his head neither his legs. Only thing I was experiencing was a person covered in a black dress whose head was somewhere above the ceiling and legs below the ground. I was very scared, I could hear the anxiety flowing through my heart. I didn’t know what to do I tried to take my hand from the beneath the sheet so that I could wake up Frank who was sleeping on other bed beside me but I was so much scared that I couldn’t do the same. I decided to remain in the same position until the sun rises.
Because of horrid, my body was wet full of sweat. All I could do is remember the creator. I pressed the light button on my watch I was wearing under the sheet just to see the time.it was 4 in the morning which meant two hours to sunrise and that two hours were the longest two hours in my life.
          I literally was counting the seconds to sunrise and trying to keep calm by putting the sheet into my mouth. Finally, some rays of light showed up through the window and sun was up slowly and I was already feeling suffocated due to the fact I had been under the sheet from last two hours that too in the same position. I sneaked slowly through the sheet saw a room full of sunlight and threw sheet away and got up. What I saw was funnier more than scarier.
I laughed with myself how silly I can be
My black T-Shirt was hanging on the cupboard
and I could guess what I saw was not a  ghost but a long shadow of the black shirt I imagined as a  ghost. I slapped my neck and laughed a lot with myself the whole day…
What a funny horror experience!
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