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Boy And The Lost Girl

Saurabh who was a homesick guy was trying to adjust in the new atmosphere with new mates and college. It was the first semester and he was already missing his home when 7 more semesters were still left. Saurabh who came from a middle-class family got admission to the engineering college after he cleared the engineering entrance examination.
Saurabh being homesick was also a guy addicted to mobile in spite of that fact he never had any relationship.6 ft tall, brownish hair, thin as a branch of a lemon tree, good mobile gamer, that’s how he was. Time passed and it was already the 2nd year of engineering when Saurabh who once was a shy type guy had now become a senior with a reputation to maintain in the college. His friends helped him to change a  lot and maintain the attitude.

Saurabh never talked to any girl until one day she came back. That day when he was having his tea on the veranda of his hostel room surfing through his phone and a name popped up in his notification bar of Instagram.Tanvi liked your post. Tanvi started following you. This notification just stuck in his heart as a nail fixed on the wall once hammered.

As he saw the profile. It’s her he murmured with himself. He remembered her. It was Tanvi her school crush her junior. The same school girl who slapped Saurabh for proposing her in the playground. Saurabh had forgotten that incident and more likely Tanvi also but this time after the notification everything flashed back in front of his eyes. He couldn’t think much what to do and he just pressed the follow back option realizing that he was confused and much more excited about the fact that she is back. While he was still confused phone beeped. And he got an inbox in his Instagram message box …Tanvi it was
He already read the message from the notification bar but just to don’t look desperate he gave it a 5 second Nano pause. And opened the inbox
Remember me? Tanvi texted
You didn’t leave me an option to forget you Saurabh texted back
Do you still remember?  oh gosh I am really sorry I just overreacted that time Tanvi texted
It’s okay let it be 😊 Saurabh replied
So when are we meeting? I want to give you an apology treat Tanvi texted
Meet? I am not at home. I am outside the state for studies Saurabh replied
You fool? Does that mean you haven’t come to know yet? you didn’t saw me? Tanvi replied
Saw you where? what you up to? Saurabh replied in curiosity?
I got admission in your college as your junior I hope you won’t do my ragging Tanvi texted
 Hahaha really? I didn’t know? I think I should do your ragging to take my revenge? should I Saurabh texted
☹ you so rude Tanvi replied
Hahaha I was just kidding chill Saurabh replied back
So let’s meet up tomorrow at 11 in canteen Tanvi texted
For sure Saurabh replied back
Later on, both of them texted a lot until the next day
The next morning Saurabh reached the canteen a little late as he just tried to look better as he was meeting Tanvi after so long. As he entered the canteen there she was sitting in the middle in a light orange dress that same ponytail she used to make in school and busy on her mobile. I went to her table interrupted and said

So mam would like to have a plate of Momo?
Hey hi Saurabh .. hahaha, no just sit down Tanvi said
You haven’t changed a little bit Tanvi said
Ya the same me Saurabh replied
So who told you I am here? and how you came here Saurabh said
I didn’t know you are here I just studied for this college and after getting admissions. I yesterday saw you in HOD’s office and then I texted you on Instagram Tanvi answered
Oh I see Saurabh said
After having a plate of Momo’s and talking for a while  suddenly Saurabh asked
So do you have a boyfriend?
Hahaha, what? no, not now though I had one in past, presently I am single Tanvi replied back
That’s great hahaha Saurabh told
Hahaha you are crazy Tanvi said
So if I will propose you again would you slap me again Saurabh tried to inquire politely
Hahaha, let’s go Saurabh let’s leave the canteen. Let’s talk outside Tanvi said
Saurabh paid the bill and they both went outside the canteen
After walking for a while Saurabh dropped Tanvi at her hostel gate and said bye to which Tanvi replied I will accept it this time Saurabh.
Saurabh understood what she meant and he without looking back, walked away and smiled with
himself later that night Saurabh proposed Tanvi and texted her
“ I don’t know what tales to tell to this heart who is still craving for you; I love you Tanvi “
And he switched off the phone trying to sleep which he couldn’t
He woke up in the middle of the night and checked the text
1 message from Tanvi phone screen popped up
Yes I do love you too Saurabh and I am sorry for past
He was very happy and jumping on his bed trying to celebrate
After that, they both used to meet regularly calling and all. Everyone in college came to know about their relationship. Saurabh who was already in his last year of engineering was trying to figure out how he is going to be far from Tanvi for 1 year as Tanvi was 1 year junior to him. Finally, the day came and he got graduated from college and promised Tanvi that he will always be with her even if distances will be there.
6 months later one day Tanvi switched off his phone deleted every social media profile and disconnected every contact medium. Saurabh was very frightened as Tanvi had told her she is coming home after two days and on the day of arrival she did this, he called her friends and tried to contact her but no one knew nothing he went to her home but there was a lock on the gate, he was very worried he even went to college to find her but all In vain.
Two days, three days passed,  one week passed Saurabh had tried every possible way to find Tanvi and her family but no clue he was getting until he came to know Tanvi and her family had gone to the USA and no one knew why. He was completely broken he didn’t know what to do and why this happened.
Saurabh friends helped him to move on. Saurabh soon got a job and became busy in that but he never left hope of Tanvi coming back.
3 years later he went on vacation to a place in the north and while being on vacation, he saw a person in the garden of a bungalow. He told the taxi driver to stop and when he got near it was Tanvi’s father. He ran with happiness and shouted
Where have you been all these years? why did you shift here?
Where is Tanvi?
Who are you? Calm down son .have some water Tanvi’s father said
No, tell me where is Tanvi?
Just keep calm and have some water?
On continuous asking of Saurabh where is Tanvi and knowing the fact of Saurabh loved Tanvi

Come with me son Tanvi’s father said
He took him to a place and said here she is
Saurabh screamed and cried like a child
As the notes written on the carved stone of that grave said 
“Tanvi Mahajan 1995-2016 “
Tanvi had been diagnosed with third stage blood cancer and she died 3 years ago”
Saurabh found her but it was very late
“His moment remained”
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