chapter 2

Chapter 2 : Whom She Will Bury Next?

Flashback :

Previously we read that Catherine friends invited her for the trip to Alaska forests. She eventually got permission from her mother to go. While they were traveling towards the destination, Anthony suddenly shouted and frightened everyone.Everyone screamed and Mark stopped the car in the middle of nowhere.

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Chapter 2 :
The adventure begins

Everyone screamed all together Are you mad Anthony? Why would you do that?
You scared the shit out of us Juliet said
I am sorry Anthony Said But I couldn’t stop it ( while clearing his throat ) But I just read very scary bad news which made me do so
What is it? what are you talking about Mark inquired
I was just surfing through the internet and this news has popped up on my screen Anthony replied
What news ? say it fast Stephine asked
The headline says it all  “ Two snow leopards have been seen near the huts in Alaska forests and there is also a prediction of heavy snowfall”
What are you fucking kidding me, Anthony , Catherine shockingly said
No, I am not joking even I am terrified now, let’s go back Mark, Anthony replied
Everyone in the car was terrified but all of them were very excited about the trip so they thought to move on.
Anthony held Mark’s arm and said to him let’s go back mark
Are you mad? Stop behaving like a child we are not going back. Moreover, we are too close to the destination and its already sunset. We can’t go back , just sit back and relax. Mark replied.
Everyone agreed with Mark. Though everyone was terrified they kept calm and also tried to comfort Anthony who looked much terrified.
(The crackling sound came and mark started the car engine) and the car moved forward

I am telling you we are doing a mistake. let’s go back Anthony said
Oh please stop and just shut up Mark replied angrily. We have necessary tools and my licensed gun if anything wrong happens we will handle it: Mark said with a strong voice
Mark drove the car very fast to reach before the sun sets and it will be darker outside. Finally, after some fifteen-twenty minutes, they reached the hut. Mark parked the car near the hut.
Let’s go guys, we have reached Mark Said
Everyone grabbed their items and got out of the car. Mark opened the door and everyone stepped inside but it was dark inside.
So Mark went outside to start the generator
Hey, tony help me with the generator Mark requested. Tony and Mark started the generator and everyone else waited inside the dark hall. Finally, it started and the hall lightened up with lights. Everyone took a sigh of relief and sat down on the sofa which was near the wall.
Mark and Tony got inside the house. Close the door: Tony said to Mark who entered after him. Everyone was having a sigh of relief when  Mark went into the kitchen and bought water for everyone. Let’s get fresh n up guys and then we will have some dinner Mark said trying to be a leader of the group.
Girls took the upstairs room while as boys took the ground room. Mark who was very tired because of the long drive still acted strong and went into the kitchen to make some dinner. And what he made was some noodles which were the only thing he could make could at that time.
Hey  guys dinner is ready common Mark shouted
Everyone came out of the rooms and joined the table. Noodles, eww really mark? Catherine said in a disgusting way.
What else I could get at this time Mark replied.
Everyone started eating the noodles as everyone one of them was very hungry.
So what I the POI for tomorrow Tony Said
We were thinking if could leave back tomorrow as heavy snowfall has been predicted girls said. Anthony who was still frightened agreed with girls.
No are you insane?. Let’s wait it out till morning Mark said
Everyone remained silent and ate their food. After dinner, everyone went into the rooms and slept. As all of them were very tired to discuss anything further.

Next morning everyone woke up with a fresh mood and a new start to the day. Girls made some breakfast and everyone ate it with boost.
Now let’s grab all tools and necessary items to start our trek. Its already 11 in the morning  Mark said
Everyone buckled up their gadgets and necessary items, wore a good amount of clothes as it was cold outside.
So where are we going today Mark, Stephine inquired
Not that far just into the forests to experience the nature and its habitat.
Oh great see there are already someone going into the forests Anthony pointed while watching into his binoculars
Now that’s a good news Tony said
Everyone started moving into the forest. Mark was leading the group from forward and while as Tony was leading from the back. Crushing sound of snow while waking, snow-covered mountains, birds sounds, frozen ponds everything around was beautiful to experience. As they entered the forest they saw a new world. Sun trying to sneak through leaves, snow covered trees, ecstatic sounds everything was just enough beautiful to explain.
Stephine picked up some snow and threw it at Juliet. Everyone laughed and snow throwing game started. All for them was just lost in the moment. After a while, everyone fell on the ground as they were heavy breathing and took a sigh.
Mark said let’s go guys we have should move forward now. Everyone started walking forward when suddenly a voice came from behind
Hey guys! A human  voice came from behind the trees
Everyone turned back and …..
Chapter 3 coming soon till then stay tuned.
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