marriage turned scar

Marriage Turned Scar

Tanveer and Mahi both were working for a reputed firm in the central capital of the country. Tanveer who was working in the IT dept and Mahi was also in the same department but was 4 years senior to Tanveer. 2 years back when Tanveer joined the company he was assigned under Mahi’s leadership. To which Tanveer agreed as Mahi had really maintained good repo when it came to dedication and producing results for the company.
Tanveer hailing from a village area always maintained a simple personality in the office. Whereas Mahi was a city girl. With time Tanveer and Mahi developed a good bond. They eventually became friends to which many of the office colleagues where jealous. Many of the senior guys wanted to talk to Mahi and marry her because she was very beautiful, charming, chubby face, a shy smile on lips, cat-eye spectacles, curly purple hair, and well maintained attractive physique. 
Perfect she was in what a guy could ask for. And talking about Tanveer, he was a guy with a most simple dressing, bag on the shoulders, I card in the shirt pocket always, Fastrack watch on the right-hand wrist, the simplest office guy. Other guys in the office were much more personalized then how Tanveer used to look like but Mahi still chooses him to be her friend because simplicity works every time.
As time passed Tanveer knew that he is attracted to Mahi but he never had guts to ask her out because he knew she is senior to him and moreover she won’t agree. He never told her until one day when Mahi and Tanveer were working on some project and Tanveer got a call and went outside to attend the same. Mahi who was into her laptop, her eyes suddenly went into the Tanveer’s bag which was lying there on the table wide open.
She avoided it first but then she wanted to know what is it that’s grabbing her eye’s attention. She pulled the bag and grabbed that blue colored eye attracting dairy. She just opened it and what she read blurred her eyes with tears
She is like the running water; I am like a floating stone and together we can make a fall
Today she was looking beautiful in that blue Kurti and white shalwar with that same essence of her smile and innocence in her heart. I just wanted to say her today let me correct your hair which is falling on your face disturbing you. I don’t know what tales to tell to this heart who craves for you Mahi.
Will I ever be able to tell her how much I love her.
( a deep breath ) I think never
Tears fell down through Mahi’s cheeks ruining her black kajal on her eyes. As she came to know Tanveer loves her but didn’t have guts to tell her.
Meanwhile, when she was trying to hide her tears, she heard the footsteps and Mahi rapidly put the dairy back into the bag and looked into the laptop trying to look busy
Hey sorry for that, just a call from home Tanveer Said

Its okay no worries Mahi replied while trying to clear her throat which was choked due to tears
They got busy In work and suddenly Mahi asked Tanveer so when you are getting married?
Hahha…. not yet .but i could ask you the same question why you still single Tanveer said
Just couldn’t find the right one yet Mahi said
Same here but the day you will get married I will also get Tanveer said trying to be sarcastic
Hahha you are mad Mahi said
So many crushes you have Mahi asked trying to hide her face while looking into the laptop
Tanveer looked little nervous as Mahi never asked her this type of questions he got curious and he
suddenly grabbed his bag and found dairy in the wrong pocket
He understood Mahi has read everything
Mahi who also understood the fact tried to look innocent by saying
Hey, what happened you lost anything?
You read my diary, didn’t you? Tanveer Said
Mahi put her head down and didn’t say anything
Why ? why did you read it? Tanveer Asked
And why couldn’t you tell me Tanveer we are friends aren’t we?
You are my senior too I was afraid of getting fired Tanveer replied
Mahi who didn’t know how to react hugged Tanveer from the back who was standing near the window
Tanveer hugged back and said I love you Mahi
I love you too Tanveer, Mahi replied
Both realized they are in an office and sat down.
Love was in the air and both after dating each other for 3-4 months Tanveer decided to get married, to which Mahi said
Our love is unusual Tanveer you are 4 years younger than me your parents won’t agree with what you are asking for. We will figure it out just give it some time Tanveer said. Tanveer convinced Mahi and they decided to convey about this fact to their families both went home and conveyed and as expected
Both the families didn’t agree not because of their age. Mahi was from a rich background and Tanveer from the middle class. But everything is fair in love and war and after fighting for more than a year. Both the families lost their will and agreed.
Mahi who was in her 40’s and Tanveer who was 36 at the time when they got married. So after lots of struggle, the day of marriage came and Tanveer and Mahi finally got married
15th of march it was the day they got married.
Both were happy and despite the age difference Tanveer loved Mahi a lot and Mahi loved her also. Time passed and both were happy in their marriage until their parents started to force them for a child and finally, they agreed and started trying for it. After several attempts they failed and when reports came forward.

There were some complications in Mahi ..They did every possible thing to get things right and finally, after some struggle, the good news was in the air…Mahi got pregnant. Everyone was happy…Mahi who was in her 6 months of pregnancy when they received the news of Mahi’s best friend’s death. Mahi had been told by the doctor to avoid long drive’s but she insisted and Tanveer agreed to take her.
After they reached and attended the funeral Tanveer and Mahi went back. While driving they met an accident. Mahi who fell unconscious didn’t know anything until she opened her eyes in the hospital and everyone around him was crying when she inquired where Tanveer is his mother came forward and said
“You both met an accident. Doctors couldn’t save your child and Tanveer is no more”
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