the curse of poor

The Curse of Poor

The Sharma family was well known for their discipline, educational background and good reputation in the society. Everyone in their family was highly educated with every one of them very well settled. The Sharma family had 6 members; The Sharma uncle himself, his wife, his three sons, and one daughter. The Sharma’s being from high-class society in spite of that all of the family members were down to earth except the two ladies in the house; Mrs. Sharma & his daughter Sushana.

The Sharma uncle who was a retired government employee used to sit all day home and sometimes accompany his elder son Kartik in his business. The other two sons of Mr. Sharma; Rahul and Prateek both were working in the private sector for an MNC and the younger one Mr. Sharma’s daughter Sushana was working in a national bank. Sharma uncle who recently got retired and had got his years of saved provident fund credited into his account had an idea of renovating the house these days with the money before they started finding a groom for their daughter. Everyone was trying to help in their own way when one day suddenly Mrs. Sharma had thought to change the color of drawing hall walls and also to change the sofa and cushion covers to which everyone agreed. 

For this, they hired a local vendor for painting the walls and another local vendor for covers. Finally, after one month, the renovation was completed. Everyone in the house was happy with the changes. Mrs. Sharma and Sushana being the two arrogant ladies of the house decided to handle all the financial expenses of the renovation. Both ladies being arrogant they also were a very miser in spending the money so they tried to bargain with every vendor and labor they hired for renovation. They cleared most of the expenses in installments. The laborer Prakash they hired for painting the walls was very innocent and honest.

So Mrs. Sharma tried to delay his expenses when every day he used to come for asking the money by saying come tomorrow. One day Prakash came and Mrs. Sharma scolded him saying what paint you have done I was checking it yesterday some work isn’t done on the corner to which Prakash said
No problem mam I will correct it right now and Prakash went inside the drawing hall where everyone else was watching TV and corrected it after making his work done Prakash tried to ask for his pending payment which Mrs. Sharma has been delaying for a week now.

So, mam can I get my expenses now? Prakash said
What’s with you Prakash Mrs. Sharma said in anger

For a little amount of 3k, a cheap pauper fellow like you is knocking my door every day Mrs. Sharma shouted in a very humiliating way.
A strong current shocked the body of Prakash by the humiliation he just received. His heart had a glitch which leads to tears into his eyes which he controlled and left the house without saying anything. He was badly hurt but he didn’t say a word. His heart was bleeding inside and the words of Mrs. Sharma used were prodding his heart and cracking him down every moment while he was walking. Suddenly his broken heart spelled a curse that didn’t come on his tongue but spelled it inside.
Prakash got home and put a smile on his face just to look happy so that his family doesn’t come to know what has happened. Finally, he took the dinner and slept but inside, his heart was still trembling with pain which he didn’t make to come out on his tongue and he put the mattress into his mouth and tears fell down from his eyes silently when everyone else in his family was sleeping around.
Meanwhile, in the Sharma family, everyone was praising the renovation and liking the new look.
Hey mom! let’s have dinner now Prateek said
Ya let’s have dinner Mrs. Sharma replied
After having their dinner everyone went into their rooms to sleep. Mrs. Sharma who usually closes the terrace lighting forgot to switch it off as her mind was occupied with she closed the kitchen and drawing hall lighting only and went into his room to sleep.
It was 3:00 clock in the morning when Mr. Sharma’s phone rang. It was some unknown number when Mr. Sharma woke up and saw the phone. While he woke up, he heard some noises and screams to which he reacted later first he picked up the phone after hearing to which he ran outside the room. Mrs. Sharma also woke up by this noise and she also ran after Mr. Sharma and when they reached in the lobby, they saw the top floor was on fire and the wooden ceiling was burning. Suddenly everyone was out of the room and a guy from neighborhood broke the door and dragged everyone else out of the house.

Meanwhile, Prateek, Rahul, and Kartik were in shock but we’re trying to grab things and thought it out of the window to save whatever the can in the meantime while others were trying to split some water on the house. When the fire started to reach downstairs all of them jumped outside the window. Mrs. Sharma and Sushana outside the house were watching it burning, screaming and crying while other neighbor ladies were comforting them so that they could relax. Mr. Sharma who was in shock was seeing his house going down.
Screams were all around. Neighbors who tried to call fire brigade came but soon they realized fire truck is short of water and until the time the next truck reached everything had turned into ash only thing left was the ash of the house. Just a few hours before the house where Sharma’s were living happily had turned into black clouds and crumbled ash. The happy house turned into ash so does the arrogance of Mrs. Sharma and Sushant to which Prateek, Rahul, Kartik, Mr. Sharma also become the victim by having such a big loss.
The curse worked.
Treat everyone with a humble nature.
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