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The Secret Recipe of Writing a Short Story – Lesson 1

After writing more than 40 short stories, 500+ quotes, 20+ poems and receiving a response from almost over 20 countries I have realized writing a short story is nothing more than making a secret recipe to attract your audience for a 10-minute span. And now I will be sharing with you guys the tips and secrets for writing a short story that I have learned in these years. Everyone among us can write a short story. All that matters is do you wanna become an artist ? do you really want to become a writer ?. What challenges will you face while writing?

To become a writer or an artist there is a three simple step process to it which is :
1. Find your skill set
2. Trust your taste

3. Go tell the world

First is you need to find your skill set which can be anything and since I am writer I will be telling a process of becoming one. After you have understood your skill that you are good at writing read more and become better. Second is trust your taste by which I mean to say that when you write something whether it being two-line poetry, short story, or a poem there will be people which will judge you and discourage on what have you wrote and other people who will like what you have written.
See the point here is people who like salt will like salt only but will criticize sugar even if it tastes good and vice versa. Similarly, when you write something on whatever genre it be you should trust your taste and believe their will people out there who will follow and like it. Third here is when you finally done with finding your skill and trusted your taste you should go and tell the world. And once you tell the world you have become an artist and you are into writing, as an artist you have signed an agreement that the public can judge you.

Now without getting much into philosophical statements let me get into the real matter by narrating the first lesson of a secret recipe of writing a short story. When you write a short story the recipe to it completely depends on the fact of what genre you are writing on. But for now, as it’s the first lesson without going much into that i will explain some general rules to you.
First page is the door; as we know first impression is the last what it means whether you write a short story or a novel the first page of your story or the first paragraph is the door to your story which a reader reads and can’t control to read the other page. And if the first page is very messy and reader couldn’t get what you meant to deliver, the reader will close it and that’s death for a writer. Even if your story has a great middle and twisted and surprising end if the door is very bad and ugly no one will enter it. In spite of which if your door or rather your first page is attractive and curiosity creator even a non-reader will love to scroll down. So just remember the first page is the door to your story keep it clean and attractive
Dustbin is your best friend; most of the new writers face a phase that when they write they fear whether people will like it or sometimes they feel like they should stop writing and a great story or novel dies without even get publishing. Instead, when you feel like that this plot is not working you should throw it in the dustbin try something else to work out on your idea. As dustbin is your best friend and wont judge you. The most imp thing which one should remember while writing that nobody is watching you because nobody is watching you. its you and your white blank pages.
Tell your reader everything in a way they don’t see coming: – This rule is which i always use and have use in many of my stories like room no 212 , magical tablet . you should tell your reader everything about what’s happening or what can happen with a twist or surprise or suspense in the way they don’t see coming. To understand this rule you can read this story of mine and understand how I have turned the scenario and told everything to  my readers in a way they don’t saw coming :
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