she never knew

She Never Knew It Would Happen This Way!!

Emma again fought with her mother while having breakfast and left to work in anger. She was fed up from the daily fights with her mother whenever she tried to inquire about the question who is her father? Emma who had got enough of it was mature enough now to inquire about this matter on her own without letting her mother know. Emma meanwhile was also looking for a job as she really couldn’t bear the pain of her mother who was working hard in her old age to make a living.
Emma was side by side also looking for her father’s information but she always failed to collect the deep information.
Emma’s mother had told that her father left them for another woman when she was in her womb as he was a person full of lust for money. She wanted to know who is her father and teach him a lesson
She searched in a lot of places and she finally got a job in a firm as an interior designer as she had completed her course in the same field.
She was really enjoying the work and worked hard to achieve skies and make her mother proud. months passed and one fine day Emma’s boss called her in the cabin.
Emma, you are a great employee of our firm.
Thanks, sir
I have a really big project for you and it will enhance your skills
I will love to do it sir
But there is a problem,
What is it, sir?
The project is out of state and you need to go there and complete the project.
No problem sir I will do it
It’s 6 months project and you can’t come home without completing the project
It’s okay sir I will do it. What is the project?
There is a big house that has been constructed in the south by a really rich woman and she wants us to design its interior.
Great sir, I am really humbled that you choose me. Can I take my mother with me?
Ya of course, not a big deal ..enjoy and have fun also there
Thanks, sir
Keep yourself ready you are leaving a day after tomorrow
Sure sir.
Emma was very happy she went home excited and told her mom they are going out of state for 6 months to which her mom first didn’t agree but then she convinced her.
Emma and his mom reached the airport and departed the flight. They reached on time and took a cab to the hotel where they were going to stay. Next day Emma went to the customer site. She reached there and talked to the owner of the house Roma who was a very beautiful woman.
Emma got busy in her work to fulfill the customer requirements. Meanwhile, Roma’s husband came and introduced himself to Emma.
After days Emma really proved good as everyone was praising her work that how she was beautifying the place. After a month Emma really felt irritated because of Roma’s husband as he used to watch her in a very weird way which she didn’t like. He used to come her way and tease her.
Emma who didn’t want to lose her job remained silent and didn’t raise voice against this. As she was worried if she would tell her boss about this maybe he won’t believe. As time was passing the sexual harassment of Roma’s husband was crossing the limits. Meanwhile, Emma who was staying with her mother these days was also receiving some clues regarding her father.
she was more concerned about that and neglected the fact she was being harassed. Finally, one night when she came back from work. One person called him and said we have received a big clue regarding your father and we think that can reveal your father’s name and photograph. Though photograph is old we need to bribe the official’s as it’s in government records. Emma agreed to spend money and transferred the amount to the concerned person.
Next morning Emma who was very excited that finally after years she is going to know the truth went to work without letting her mother know about the fact. When she reached the place, she started her work as usual and got busy…she was working in the hall with other workers. It was lunchtime and other workers left for lunch while she was still there working alone. And suddenly someone grabbed her from the back and she shouted.
Woaahhhh !!! as she turned back it was Roma’s husband .. what are you doing sir?

The day I saw you, Emma, I have fallen for you let me love you
Are you out of your mind leave me alone you are married.
Emma was running in the hall towards the door when Roma’s husband grabbed her hair and threw her down
Leave me, please.  Emma crying indistinctly
He was just about to tear her clothes when they hear someone’s steps coming upstairs
He left Emma and ran… Emma stood up and was crying when Roma entered the room
Are you okay Roma why are you crying?
She told her everything, Roma got very angry
Emma, you go home and rest we will talk tomorrow and Emma left.
As Emma who was still crying to what happened wiped her tears as she didn’t want to let her mom known about this and behaved strong as her mother had already suffered a lot.
Emma reached home she went into her room ..while she was changing she received a call on her phone.
Mam, we got the details. check your email!
Emma who was sad and still crying. her red eyes just turned bright and she jumped off from bed came to her table which was on the corner, and opened up her laptop
she opened the email
1 new mail message popped!
she saw the attachment and downloaded it
download completed chrome notification pooped up.
Her heart was beating as fast as it beats when someone’s runs on a long field.
Her throat was choked due to dryness. She dragged her mouse cursor near the icon and opened the attachment
it was her mother’s photo with her father’s in the court as they had the court marriage.
As she saw the photo, she suddenly went unconscious abruptly on the chair and her head bumped into the laptop keyboard
The photo of the man next to her mother i.e Emma’s father was none other than but the photo of Roma’s husband!
She never knew it would happen this way.
Muneeb Zargar

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