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The deep dark black circles on her face, yellow eyes were saying it all how happy she was. The messed-up hair, regret in the eyes. But all the scars were old none of them was fresh. Hermione who was in deep sleep on the lap of Sakeena didn’t know I am once again with her mom after a long time on the beach sitting along the shore trying to ask her what actually happened?
The sun was up trying to hide behind the clouds and listen to our conversation quietly. The tides were wailing with the air why? why did you do that?
You remember I always used to come here with you whenever I used to be sad and you used to cheer me up, by giving me the best advice I said

I know but time moves so does life ! I had no other choice ! and I can’t explain to you the deep. I am sorry she said
Really! no other choice? you should have come to me I would have made things better ! this isn’t how a person should leave from one’s life who gave you so much to remember! I earned to know the truth
I am sorry but you need to take some steps alone to better know yourself
And What about all those memories we have together? what about all those surprises I used to give you on your birthday? everything in vain?
It wasn’t in my hands It just happened I didn’t crave for it.sometimes you don’t plan anything things happen and that’s how destiny works
Up to now, my eyes were full of tears and how hard heartened she had become she once she couldn’t see a single tear in my eyes and today….
Gazing into her face which was hiding behind her long brown hairs looking for answers which I couldn’t find
Her replies were very dejected to listen and even clouds which were there from start providing shelter to sun who was accompanying him, couldn’t stop crying and I could taste on my lips how bitter raindrops were.
You really don’t bother how hurt I am and how I have been from last one year? You didn’t even pick up the phone and never called me back? I deserved an answer I screamed with my face and neck turned red.
Shocked to see my such a burst behavior she said
Please calm down try to understand
I didn’t say a word and blubber like a kid. I wonder why Hermione was still asleep after all my screams?
You really don’t care ! you never actually cared. You deserve to be alone.

She looked at me with eyesfull of tears.. she was hurt, my words poked into her heart like the last nail to the coffin
Say your words carefully !  she said
Now you get the pain of what I have been going through ..this is how it feels I replied back
We both remained silent looking far away into the deep endings of the ocean trying to find the happy ends which none had ever found.
I grabbed her hand and she didn’t resist
Her hand was soft as it used to be before but now it was filled with the blood of emotions of a beautiful relationship she killed herself.
You are murderer I screamed
Suddenly a high tide came from the ocean and washed us away
The beach knows us well I said to myself
While I was still gazing into her and she was gazing into me, we both were sitting on the two opposite ends of waiting room inside the airport. Her flight arrived and She tried to grab her stuff suddenly Hermione woke up and saw me and shouted
Papa Papa!

She was jumping with happiness and trying to get off Sakeena’s right-hand grip. John who was still sleeping on my shoulder also woke up and as soon as she saw hemione he shouted.
went down on his knees and screamed
Come to papa my baby come! come!
My eyes were also filled with tears and wanted to scream but I controlled and acted like as if it isn’t bothering me. Sakeena also couldn’t take it anymore, she released Hermione. Hermione ran to us and she also ran from behind.  
My eyes suddenly went bright on seeing this and I stood up from my chair.
bam ! and Hermione hugged john tightly and Sakeena jumped into my arms and hugged me!
we hugged each other in comfort!
Everyone around the airport seeing this clapped and went emotional on this reunion while nobody knew Sakeena who was my mom had left us and gave my father ( John), divorce a year ago.
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