what happened next

What Happened Next? Shocked Her !

Alisha standing in the lobby was very excited while reading the offer letter she just received after clearing her interview. Alisha who really needed this job after her husband left her to survive alone with two children two years ago. Alisha was living with her parents and wanted to do some job to educate and feed her children as she didn’t want to be a burden on her parents who were old and living with their son viz Alisha’s brother.
Tom who was Alisha brother didn’t ever make her felt like she was living with her brother. Alisha was already 35 all she wanted now was a good life for her children. She was really excited about this job. She stepped outside the office building and dialed a number on her mobile phone and called her brother Tom.
I got the job tom Alisha said
Yes, I knew you have it. yes! ..let’s have a party tonight Tom replied
Alisha went to a nearby sweet shop and bought some sweets and took a bus back to home.
Alisha was working very hard and dedicated herself to this job. She was doing the best at that position she was hired for. Months passed and Alisha was moving on in his life with excellence and happiness. Her children and family were of great support in letting her move on in her life. One day when she reached office she saw a new guy in the office, on confirming she came to know the person has been appointed as the new MD of the company and will be handling all the operations. Tarun who was appointed as the MD greeted everyone and introduced himself with everyone including Alisha. In the first few weeks Tarun was good with everyone and as time passed he showed his other side of his face to everyone. Being rude to everyone screaming, on every employee. Everyone was fed up from his behavior but he never was rude with Alisha.
Alisha who was already busy handling her life didn’t notice this fact. And one day suddenly Alisha was leaving the office and she heard a horn from behind as she saw it was Tarun
Hey Alisha? let me drop you home Tarun  said
No sir it’s okay I will take the bus Alisha said
I insist let me Tarun said
Alisha gave it a thought a sat down in the car.
As it was hardly half an hour travel so they didn’t talk much as Alisha who felt a little bit awkward didn’t talk much and was silent all the time heard about your husband from some colleges sorry about that Alisha, Tarun said
Alisha said its okay sir anyways I don’t care much now I have moved on Alisha said
that’s like a strong woman he didn’t deserve you Tarun said
this is my stop Alisha said
Tarun stopped the car
thanks, sir, for the lift Alisha said while closing the car door
come for coffee sir Alisha said
no, I am already late home and stop calling me sir ..you can call me Tarun .. he said
Alisha smiled and left
Tarun started the car and left
This happened again after a few days when Tarun dropped Alisha home and she couldn’t deny and this continued for a few months and eventually, they became normal friends not best ones though.
Months later one day Alisha reached office and saw some weird change in Tarun behavior he was staring at her and which she just ignored. Meanwhile a few days back Tarun tired to kiss her and she left and fought with Tarun on harassing her.
Alisha was doing some work in her cabin and door knocked

it was the office boy
what is it? Alisha said
mam sir Is calling you he said
okay Alisha said
Alisha went near Tarun’s cabin and knocked
hey, Alisha, I was waiting for you Tarun said
so Alisha how are you now?
how many times I told you to call me Tarun
Sorry Tarun but you are my sir in the office Alisha said
So I was thinking since your work is very good and dedicated. I was thinking to give you an appraisal
really thank you sir, Alisha, said
but Alisha there is a problem Tarun said
what problem sir Alisha said
you have to do something for me only then I can approve it
Alisha who got his point and last time scene flashed back in front of her eyes
and she got angry but was just shocked after what Tarun just said
Alisha who was just about to cry and leave the room
Tarun came near her and while bending down on his knees said
“Will You Marry Me, Alisha?”

Muneeb Zargar

Muneeb Zargar

My name is Muneeb. Proud Storyteller from Kashmir & an Electronics Engineer by choice.

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