quenched thirst

Boy And His Quenched Thirst !

Crying was not an option as he was surrounded by people. leaning his head over the window glass trying to alter his itchiness raised from the wails of his own heart. The bus was rally-crowded and he was trying to get some harmony while chewing the gum and closed his button-shaped eyes which hadn’t been closed all day. In the red dress and blue jeans, the dust was all over his black curly hair and thin trimmed bearded face which looked unrested. People around struggling to adjust by pushing each other. while his head being vibrated by the window glass but nothing bothered him as he just wanted to concentrate on his unpeaceful nap.
The wind coming from the window was playing with his hair as Diana the Greek goddess knew how frustrating day he had to survive alone at the work listening to the unloved screams of seniors. Meanwhile, it was a little awkward for me also sitting behind him as he was trying to sneak with one eye into the red-green apple I had in my hand. it felt as if he was hungry for years. And he will snatch it from my hand, enjoying its crunchy juicy taste without letting me having a single bite. I thought to offer him before he grabs it, but he smiled and said no thanks I just had the tea which I knew was a lie as his phony smile tasted more painful than a heartbreak
Suddenly the mixed essence of sweat and perfumes was making me crazy when suddenly everyone inside the bus went ghost-quiet and had their eyes on the passenger who just stepped inside the bus and her essence was so strong and eye-grabbing that no one could stop staring.
Green dress, long ponytail, fresh shine on the face as if she just had the shower, 6ft 5 inches tall, pulchritudinous figure as she stepped forward with the squeaking of her black sandal, and sat in front of our seat.
He was in a deep sleep and suddenly had to open his eyes as her ponytail touched her face while she was having the seat.
His eyes were stuck on her with anger as she disturbed her peacefulness but as he saw her bare neck and ponytail with that strong perfume his anger turned into a smile and he just didn’t stop looking into her bare neck. The pure whitish skin, bleached brown hair on her neck explained how maintained she keeps herself. he couldn’t stop staring at her neck and side face look of her was making his craving for her stronger which I could realize from his desirous face which until now was dead. He wanted to grab her from behind and quench his thirst on her lips but he didn’t and Eros the god of love wept on his helplessness. He grabbed his phone trying to click her side portrait but his hands shaken and his conscience didn’t let him go further. He wanted to love her but again a phony tale he made up to his heart about how grapes are sour.
Hello from the other side he murmured with his thread-thin lips
His eyes were lost inside the circular path of her silver-colored tops trying to find a path to her heart when his own heart was throbbing
Suddenly he stopped staring, looked into the window and smiled with himself.
Does he was afraid of being judged? even if had a clear vision of virginal love? is he an artist who is trying to draw a picture of her in his heart for his next canvas? Aphrodite (the goddess of love) questioned Eros (goddess of sexual intimacy) who were watching it all.
Suddenly she grabbed some peanuts she had in his hand and ate it while looking outside the versed window trying to offer a conversation with nature. Meanwhile, he was still staring at her with those button eyes. She suddenly realized it and turned back, looked into his eyes and he shut down looking into his hand as if he wasn’t.
That smile she had when he pulled his eyes down with modesty remained unexplained.
She looked forward again and concentrated into her peanuts. That salty taste he had on his lips while she was having it and he tried to wet his lips by his own tongue and granted himself an unsatisfied temporary pleasure
He was still trying to draw her picture which was incomplete I guess as he was anxious. His heart being engraved by her portrait without quenching his thirst for love. He wanted to touch her perfectly god carved shoulders which were just in front of his eyes but couldn’t because he didn’t want to lose the peace of being an unrequited virgin lover. While he was busy drawing her picture, she just stood up as her destination had arrived. His face turned pale as he saw his brush being vandalized again without being filled with color of love and he continued staring at her with all the innocence and screamed her name which he didn’t let know to Eros and Aphrodite who were trying to fight for their individual win
She stepped to the exit door, looked back staring into his eyes and smiled.
His brush was filled with color again and he brushed his last stroke on the canvas of his heart and quenched his thirst!

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Muneeb Zargar

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