1947 partition

Partition And The Shepherd

After struggling and praying for years Mudasir & Aminah had their first child Tahira a cute little baby girl with curly brown hair. Both were happy enjoying the moment of being a parent. Despite the situation outside the roads of Punjab, Pakistan in 1940’s they managed to provide Tahira with the best of everything they can whether it was food , clothes or shelter. Mudasir who used to work as a laborer on daily wage against some cents for different owners managed his expenses trying to be a good dad. As time passed situation started to worsen in Punjab, Pakistan.

As the struggle for freedom was on fire. One day Mudasir also joined the Freedom fight rally and left his home promising Aminah and Tahira that he will be back till dusk. The rally continued raising freedom slogans. Both Tahira & Aminah were waiting for Mudasir in their old versed cottage.

The same cottage which was fighting for its existence to remain firm on the ground with the support of those old rusted wooden blocks.
The enemy army fired tear gas and crowd got disturbed. Most of the freedom fighters were able to escape but few of them got were caught by the enemy and arrested on the spot which included Mudasir also.
It was 1944, 3 years before the independence when Mudasir got arrested. Listening to this Aminah lost her senses and ran to look for her husband. Running to every police station and jails with barefoot, old torn clothes and red scarf which had turned brown with the dust she didn’t care about.

After looking into every possible and expected place Aminah received NO as an answer and all her fight went into vain. She knew the enemy is lying about not arresting Mudasir.
She didn’t stop the search of her husband and get him released. Meanwhile, she came to know from sources they have shifted Mudasir to some special underground jail. She continued her fight for 3 years and never stopped feeding Tahira who was her only lifeline in those black nights.

It was 13 August 1947 when the enemy was packing their bags to leave and some of the enemy armies were making their way from Aminah’s house in the late night and entered into her house to burst out their anger by breaking the main door. The enemy tried to rape her while Tahira who was just 4 started crying as she was terrified by what was happening.

Aminah managed to hit the enemy with a nearby stone. She grabbed Tahira and ran away. It was dark night & Aminah was wandering in long endlessly hopeless deserts. After walking a few miles, she found some shelter and sat down there.
Next morning when she woke up, she realized she had reached into the Radcliffe Line of India and with Tahira a 4-year-old Mumma’s princess with brown curly hair who didn’t know her mother had unknowingly crossed the border in the dark night.
Aminah wanted to go back to look for her husband but her confidence was not in her favor and she decided to live back in India.

Time flew and Tahira grew up in India under the shadow of her mother. Tahira who had an inhumed scar of not seeing her father in her heart liked to explore the forest in the nearby premises of her home alone which was on the border line on evenings ..

One fine day the burning desire of her exploring the world took her inside the deep dark forest near Radcliffe line and unfortunately she lost her way in the middle of the forest as she was only 10 years old that time.

Meanwhile, while her heart was throbbing in search of finding the way back home.
She met a middle-aged shepherd and asked him for help. But instead of showing the way out, he said it’s very dark outisde and late evening, “my child come with me to my home”.

she didn’t know how to react and felt like nostalgic. she trusted on him and got to his home, after taking she asked him about his family as he was alone in the cottage and she was curious to know about his family.
He didn’t spoke a word back, just grabbed a red cloth nearby in which some junk was wraped and unwrapped it . Took out some pieces of paper from it inside of which there was a photograph and gave it to Tahira
And Said This Is My Family Photograph, In which there was his wife, him and a cute little baby girl with  curly brown hair.


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[ Authored By Jayshree ( Instagram.com/jayshreee811 ) ]

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