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He Just Disappeared! – Unsolved Mysteries ( Episode 01 )

The Spotlight :

There have been many unsolved mysteries which couldn’t be resolved like Malaysian flight 370 , bermuda triangle etc and no one never really could make the conclusion what happened and why? Today we will be telling you an unsolved mystery  which hasn’t been solved yet since when it happened back in May 13, 2008.

A 3-and-a-half-year-old boy Mehran Latief Mir of Sher-e-Khass, Srinagar, Kashmir went to buy candies from a nearby shop and never returned back.

Mystery :

May 13, 2008 somewhere between 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM Mehran went to buy candies from the shop near his home after coming back from the school, that was the last time his mother saw him.

Sitting in a corner, she peeps through the open window all the time. She wants to be the first one to see him coming home again. Dilruba; Mehran’s Mother strongly believes he will come back for his mother.

It was Yusuf ( Mehran’s Uncle ), who had brought him to home from school along with his two children, on that fateful day. “I dropped them home at 2:30 pm then left for my work.

At 3:30 we came to known Mehran went missing says “Mohammed Yousuf Mir“ Mehran’s Uncle
His disappearance has shattered our dreams.He was witty among all children in our family,” Says Yusuf
The sunset on the Latief family’s happiness on the bright afternoon of May 13, 2008.

After searching for him in the area, the anxious family lodged a missing person complaint with the local police station.

Police prepared a sketch of the elderly man based on the descriptions given by the persons, including two of Mehran’s classmates and a shopkeeper nearby, who claimed that he had seen Mehran walking with the unknown person.

By the time police could trace the person, the critical time had already been lost and Mehran too.
“We got up early next morning and left for Jammu. En-route we searched almost all the Jammu-bound vehicles in case he had been kidnapped. Our efforts drew a blank.

In Jammu, we went to each and every place,” says Mir.
“Our search for Mehran next took us to Mumbai. We contacted people there, but that effort too did not bear any fruit.”
A senior police officer said Mehran is the only missing child case that had remained unresolved despite their best efforts.

The local newspapers highlighted the four-year old’s disappearance, a rare phenomenon in the Kashmir Valley which has been rocked by violence for a long time now.

It is over eleven years since Mehran, a three-and-a-half-year-old boy, disappeared from outside his home in the old city Srinagar.It is still a mystery how a child like Mehran could just vanish without a trace from a place, which is a densely populated area of the city.

The JKP acknowledges the failure. Around a year back then, the Director General of Police, Kuldeep Khuda during a function in the old City admitted there was no breakthrough in the Mehran case.

By now 15 candles could have been added to his birthday cake, but the government failure has grown unending dilemma of Mehran being dead or alive!

Fighting for 5 years in the court Mehran’s Family got a little relief after, on 29 November 2013, when the Jammu Kashmir High Court transferred the case to CBI after the local police and Crime Branch failed to trace the missing boy.

CBI has announced a big reward for the person giving a trace of the boy. Several posters from Jammu and Kashmir to Delhi are lined up to get the clue but of no use.

This 11-year long battle has deteriorated the financial condition of Mehran’s family. But they are still pleading the state government to carry on the search operation.

Due to the shock of losing her child, Mehran’s mother fell sick and had to be hospitalized for a long time.
In December 2015, the family got a call from a CBI officer that Mehran was located in Rajasthan.“My brother, (Mehran’s father) and Yousuf went to New Delhi for the identification.

After identification, they said that the boy was not Mehran. Mehran was circumcised while the child who the CBI showed was not circumcised,” Yousuf said.
Mehran’s clothes are still in his cupboard, books on the desk. It is unbearable for his parents to look at his belongings.

“Whenever I see any child going to school, I think of Mehran whether he is alive or not? If he is, then what he might be doing? .We always discuss things related to him in one way or the other- his favorite colors, songs, cartoon shows, toys and what he did on different occasions,” said Mehran’s mother Dilruba

“We went to Peer’s (Religious Healer’s), all of them keep saying that he is safe and would return one day. I wish this were true,” says Mehran’s father.

“We have suffered a lot in these 11 years. But our hope to find Mehran lives on. We have faith that fate will reunite us with Mehran someday. After all, miracles do happen,” says Mir Mehran’s Uncle.

I believe it was written in our luck even before we were born.If God has decided this then what we can do. We can’t challenge him. We have to face it,” says Dilruba, wiping her tears.

      mehraan missing case

( Mehran: 2008 Pic )


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We couldn’t reach a conclusion about what may have happened to Mehran. But you people can comment down below your thoughts that you think may have happened to Mehran.

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