shocking cases of facebook

The Mysterious Case Of Facebook

Central Idea :

Facebook has the potential to reach millions and connect them with each other. But Sometimes even Facebook has proven shocking and mysterious. Today narrating a short tale about Owais and the mysterious Facebook.


It has been a while since Owais had his last breakup and now he was lost in between something which he wasn’t able to explain to people around him. Being just 20 year’s old when people are trying to find the best career choices it was Owais’s 4th breakup.

As of now, Owais had understood it’s not the people but it’s him that whenever he gets into a relationship he messes up. He never is able to hold it for longer.

It was a fact that Owais was arrogant and never accepted his own mistakes. Also, he realized his thought process was negative and never he was able to be positive even if tried a lot. As Days were passing he was losing it and was unintentionally hurting people who didn’t even cut him.

After finally consulting some counselors he found that he should stop acting like a turd and be mature. He started to look for positive thoughts and change his attitude towards life and being a positive person.

One fine day when Owais finally felt like he is okay and now he can think of moving forward in his life. He activated his Facebook account which he had deactivated while he was in rehab. Time passed and he came across an account namely Umaira.

He stopped and thought of sending her a request but then realized he always messes and scrolled down. But suddenly he again scrolled up, send the request and smiled on himself.

You are now friends with Umaira: a notification popped up on Owais’s phone.

He opened up her profile and stalked it for a while and after realizing it’s a genuine account as Facebook has a higher number of fake accounts these days.

Owais inboxed


After that, they texted for a while and both realized that they are from the same district.

Owais who was already emotionally lost needed emotional feedback which he found in Umaira. Despite the fact they had never meant face to face they used to talk to each other for hours mostly during nights.

After Owais realized he has fallen for Umaira he forced her many times to meet but she always neglected by giving lame excuses. Even though Umaira had talked to Owais’s family many times on the phone. Owais family even knew about Umaira now

So finally, after a few months of being in a relationship. Umaira agreed to meet at the closest railway station. Both agreed on a mutual timing and decided a place where they will meet for the first time.

Owais reached a little late and realized someone was already sitting on the chair with a red hoodie on the head near the railway track which obviously was Umaira.

Owais stepped forward with happiness as the first time had felt so emotionally connected with someone like Umaira. He touched the shoulder saying hi Umaira

The face turned to Owais and he realized it was not Umaira but some boy. He quickly apologized and said sorry brother I was looking for someone else  and went aside

Stop Owais a voice came from behind and as Owais turned back he realized it was the same guy

How do you know my name? who are you? Owais questioned mysteriously

Come sit down Owais let’s talk he said

Owais legs were shaking and his face had turned yellow with a sudden shock which he was thinking can be true. Owais sat down and the guy name was Ishaan who was sitting on the chair.

Ishaan showed Owais all the texts and Owais realized the person he was talking to from last 4- 5 months as Umaira was actually Ishaan who was acting like a girl.

Owais had lost it up to now and his old personality of arrogance came out and he started beating Ishaan ruthlessly on floor. He completely lost it. As it was holiday trains were off and no one was on the platform to stop Owais.

Ishaan also lost it and started beating Owais both got it in the scuffle. Ishaan (Umaira) got better of the Owais and brought him down on the ground over the Railway Track and also kicked him repeatedly. This injured Owais badly and he rolled down into the gorge.

Thinking that Owais was dead, Ishaan left for his home and subsequently to his aunt’s house in a faraway village. The two SIMs through which he used to talk with Owais was broken by him and thrown into flowing water and thus tried to destroy the evidence,”.

Owais remained lying on the tracks until a person saw him and informed the police.

Note: This above story is true and happened back in 12-01-2016. The incident is just given a shape of the short story just to provide a moral lesson to the audience to be mature and don’t be a fool risking your life.

NewsSource: Scoopwhoop

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