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A Sacrificing Father

Central Idea :

A Father is someone who always sacrifices his needs for our needs. We have listened to many sacrifices that a father made for his family. Today narrating a short tale about a father and his demanding son.

Story :

Rahul used to be late every day for the school and his mom Aarti had to wake him up forcefully. But today it was a special day for Rahul. He woke up way too early than usual, threw his mattress away, ran straight away into the kitchen, and hugged his mom.

His mom kissed him on the forehead and told him to take a bath. Rahul who was just 4 years old and had already learned the skills of being independent by doing his work on his own. He went into the bathroom and got fresh n up.

Rahul got ready for the school, wore his uniform and while he was combing his hair on the mirror in which he couldn’t look properly as he was too small to reach its height his mom called him

Rahul come down breakfast is ready

Rahul grabbed his school bag and went into the kitchen. He took his breakfast while his mom was making his hair correct the school bus reached near his gate as they heard the horn.

Aarti helped Rahul finish his breakfast while Rahul tighten up his shoes which were torn on every side and said

It’s the last time I am wearing you today and smiled

Aarti ( his mom) replied

Look how happy Rahul is today he is getting a new pair of shoes ha.

Rahul was really happy about the fact, his father had promised him that he will bring him a new pair of shoes today as he was coming back home after a month. Rahul’s father Amit was a basic government employee who had to stay in another city for the job

Rahul waved goodbye to his mom and stepped into the bus while his mom kept watching the bus until it blurred in the traffic.

Rahul was very excited about the day. he went to every friend of his in the class and told them proudly he is getting a new shoe today. Though for him it was about buying a pair of shoes and flaunting it to his friends.

But on the other side his father who used to tell fake tales to Rahul just to avoid buying him a new shoe because the salary of Amit( Rahul’s father ) was only enough to survive through the month and couldn’t buy Rahul a new shoe.

But today even he knew he had to buy him up a shoe because it already has been a lot worse for Amit to see  Rahul go to school in those torn shoes. Amit waited in the office for his salary envelope eagerly. He was getting very uncomfortable due to the fact that finally, he can make his promise to Rahul.

Amit already had calculated the figures that how he will manage the house expenses, the surprise gift for her wife, and also buy Rahul a shoe.

But he himself was confused that how surely he can buy Rahul shoes, Aarti an anniversary gift, and survive for a month for just on a salary of Rs 1500.

But fathers are emotionally strong so he didn’t think much and waited for his envelope to come.

Meanwhile back in school, Rahul’s happiness was on the 7th sky and his face was shiny like a star today.

Classes completed and Rahul ran towards his bus to reach home faster. ignition started and the bus moved forward Rahul wanted to jump with happiness and but controlled his emotions as many other students were around him. Children are very shy at their young age.

His stop reached and he stepped down and straight away pushed the door without knocking it and shouted to his mom who was cleaning the floor

Where is papa? did he come? where is he?

Aarti his mom threw the broom aside and calmed Rahul down who was breathing heavily and told him. He is coming to my son, just relax and have some water

Don’t worry he will come, we both will come with you to get you the new pair of shoes and gave Rahul comfort while helping him drink water from the glass.

Suddenly the door banged and Amit entered the house.

Rahul ran towards his father and hugged him. Aarti saw the happiness on Amit’s face and realized that he is going to get him the shoes.

Rahul who was still hugging his father’s legs. Hold his father’s hand and sat down on the ground.

After having some tea Amit said

Let’s go to Rahul and get you a new pair of shoes.

Aarti you also join us for the better choice.

All of them left the house and walked towards the market which was not so far from their home. Rahul was holding one hand of his mom and another of his father.

Amit put his hand in the pocket and felt the money with his fingers just to confirm its there.

They stepped into a few shops but didn’t find a better choice until they reached a shop that had quite a good variety of kid’s shoes.

They stepped in and Rahul tried a few of them and liked one shoe pair a lot. And insisted to buy it. while Aarti his mom choose a shoe which Rahul didn’t like.

Rahul insisted a lot in buying those shoes but only Amit knew that he can’t buy it because the shoe pair cost Rs1490 and he had only 1500 in his pocket on which he had to survive a month.

Rahul didn’t agree to leave the shop without buying the shoe. Amit had tears in his eyes but he controlled and gave the shop owner the amount and Rahul got the shoes.

Aarti and Amit knew the crisis had hit their door but they didn’t show it to Rahul who was busy playing with his shoebox while walking on the road. Amit’s eyes were saying sorry to Aarti for not be able to buy her the gift and Aarti realized how broke amit was. Aarti grabbed amit’s hand and said in his ears I am still yours.

While they were walking back home Rahul saw a shop selling lollipops and insisted on getting one.

Amit went into the shop and realized lollipop cost’s Rs 10 which was the only amount he was left with. He gave it to the shop owner and gave the Lolipop to Rahul

Rahul went home with eternal happiness on his face never really realizing what her parents had to go through and survive the month on a credit now.

Moral: Respect every effort of your parent you never know what they have gone through to make your wish exist.

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