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The Lost Game of Lust!

Raj entered Radhika’s house for the third time the same day. Seeing Radhika doing her household work, Raj’s sharp eyes were stuck on her physique. Cleaning her room Radhika was fully involved in her work while Raj sat aside mesmerizing her beauty but with a bad intention and tried to capture her looks with his phone camera secretly.

You are always so busy with your phone. Radhika interrupted Raj who was trying to capture her while she was cleaning her room.
Raj’s hands trembled and the phone fell from his hand into his lap. He thought he was caught but then he replied

No! nothing just causal internet surfing he said with buffering in his voice which justified his nervousness.
Raj was badly attracted to Radhika’s physique. In spite of the fact that Radhika is a mother of two and married Raj never stopped meeting her with a bad intention.

Raj knew that what he had for Radhika is just effectuation and lust but he always made his conscience, convenience that it isn’t lust but love. Raj who was badly in need of lust as he was in his teenage, always had his dirty eyes on Radhika.
While as Radhika never really knew that Raj had this kind of feeling for her and always considered her as a friend, shared things with her.
Raj was so mad and lost that he used to dream about the plans that how can he get separated Radhika from her husband ( Nitin ) .So that he can marry her and make love with Radhika.
Radhika who was 5 years elder then Raj but lust had made Raj blind and all he wanted was her by hook or crook
It was already 10 years since Raj has meant Radhika since then he wanted her but never really could get her.
Suddenly one fine day Raj came back home after having lunch with Radhika who was looking beautiful in brown colored kurti.Raj wasn’t able to get that image of Radhika from his mind and finally made a plan that how he can get closer to Radhika.
He decided that he will teach her how to drive a bike as she had already requested Raj fewer times before about that.
It was Sunday when Raj parked his bike outside Radhika’s home and called her outside so that he can teach her how to drive while his intentions were still bad which Radhika was unknown about. Raj made her sit on the bike and taught her how to start the bike While he sat behind her.

As Radhika started the ignition Raj cupped his hands on the Radhika’s hands to stabilize the bike as she was driving it for the first time.
Raj sat closer to her and drove the bike while he was telling her how to drive the bike.He kept his chin on her shoulder and was completing harassing her by pushing himself closer to Radhika which she realized and told him to stop the bike as she doesn’t want to learn.

But Raj had lost it until now and he didn’t agree , continued harassing her from the back and didn’t stop until they drove the bike back to home. Radhika went inside and didn’t say anything. Raj went mad as his desire remained thirsty.

He was completely mad at how his plan failed.Next day he went again to Radhika’s home and said
Hey, Radhika lets go again your lesson is incomplete.

My health isn’t well She replied back while playing with her green scarf with her index fingers. Trying to hide her hesitation.
You need to attend some more lessons to learn it well Raj said
No, I am done will learn it some other time Radhika replied trying to avoid the conversation she went into the washroom.
Raj was going high on frustration now, didn’t knew what to do and went back home.

He wanted to achieve Radhika anyhow. He laid down on his bed staring at the rotations of the ceiling fan he fell asleep and woke up with a plan nobody never thought of.
I need to kill Radhika’s husband and her children too , Raj murmured with himself while correcting his hair on the mirror with brown borders.

His conscience was dead until now which made his lustful guts stronger to kill Radhika’s husband Nitin and her children.
He behaved well with Radhika just to make him realize he isn’t bad now while he was continuously working on his plan. It was a holiday when he went to Radhika’s home and started to work on his plan.
Everyone was busy in their phones when Raj opened the gallery of his phone and showed some pictures to Radhika’s children who were sitting next to Raj.

It was pictures of some picnic spot. They got excited and started crying before Nitin to get them their as it was a holiday..
After a lot of insistence, Nitin Said
Okay don’t cry children get ready we will go.
And a big smile arose on Raj’s face as his first step to his plan was succeeded. He knew Radhika won’t go as she was busy in cooking in the kitchen.
Nitin insisted her to come but she said no .
Raj at least you come with us it will be fun Nitin said
No, I am not in the mood you enjoy Raj replied
Finally, they sat in the car and left. Radhika waved bye to  Nitin as they drove away through the road.
Raj and Radhika were busy in gossiping when Radhika realized it’s 6 :00 clock already and his husband and children hadn’t returned back yet. She tried to call her husband but no one picked up she tried fewer times but nothing.
Raj was getting excited but just not to look so , he made a worried face and said
What happened Radhika? Is everything fine ?
Radhika who face had turned yellow now and was continuously redialling numbers on her phone keyboard replied
The phone is ringing but no one is picking it I am worried
Don’t worry everything will be fine. Let me try
Raj tried calling from his phone which he knew no one will pick
It was already 7 when they decided to call their friends and relatives but Nitin was no were found. Finally, Radhika’s phone rang it was  Nitin’s number
She picked up with a smile on her face
Where r u ? why aren’t picking up my phone she replied to the call?
Her expressions changed suddenly and she went unconscious
Raj grabbed her and picked up the phone while Radhika was in his lap.
Hello? who is this ? Raj shouted
Sir, we are from the hospital , The person whose phone is this is dead as he had met an accident .
What? Raj replied with a shock on his face while inside he was happy on listening to this .
He grabbed Radhika and took a cab to the hospital ..while Radhika was treated Raj completed the formalities.

Nitin had met an accident with his children and all of them were dead as Nitin lost control on the car due to break fail.
Raj was happy as he was the one who was behind all this which no one knew
Radhika was in shock and crying that how her life went black in seconds.
Raj was trying to give her comfort on his shoulders while she was crying.
Mourns were held for days until everyone left after Nitin and children were burnt as per rituals.
Months passed Radhika was still in shock and Raj used to pay her visit daily which Radhika liked as Raj was the only man now in her life.
Finally, after 7 months after the incident, Raj decided to propose Radhika for marriage.
He dressed well and took a red rose bouquet with him and a ring.
He knocked at the door and as Radhika opened the door Raj went down on his knees
I know you are alone; but I am there for you: Radhika will you marry me ?
Radhika didn’t knew how to react. Maybe somewhere she had developed something for raj which she wasn’t able to differentiate whether it was love or not.
She wasn’t able to judge so fast and said in confusion
Yes! I will marry you Raj
Raj put the ring in her finger and danced …
They both were happy ..and marriage was going to be held next week.
Raj called his friends and started the arrangements
On the marriage day few hours before marriage in the morning , Radhika wanted to give a surprise visit to Raj’s home to show him the mehndi design she had finalized. she reached their and listened Raj was talking to his friend on phone.
She thought to listen to it secretly what she heard next wasn’t bearable
(Raj talking on the phone)
“ya man finally I am marrying her. So hectic it was to get her. Firstly that planning of killing her husband , then making his car break fail and then fake acting of mourning .. long I have waited for this. Finally, she is mine. Raj said”
Radhika couldn’t believe her ears what she was hearing. She went nuts and her heart was prodding in her ears as if itwill burst and she ran.
She went home and cried again and again. Mehndi on her hands wasn’t even dry yet when she washed it away and decided to take a action. It wasn’t easy for Radhika to bear the pain of what she had been through.
Meanwhile in few hours marriage was going to happen. Raj picked up his phone and tried calling Radhika who wasn’t picking anyone’s phone as everyone had reached the marriage hall and she hadn’t yet.
Raj tried calling her fewer times but no response
Raj ran and drove his car to Radhika’s home and went straight into his room where door was closed.
He screamed! open the door Radhika? How much more make up? everybody is waiting in the hall.
When no response came back! Raj decided to break open the door after a few tries door opened and what he saw made him scream louder than a human speaker
Radhika was hanging on the ceiling fan with bold letters written on the wall
“You Lost! “– Raj


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