10 Quotes On Regret

10 Quotes On Regret by lifeandshortstories

1.  No Matter How Hard You Try To Supress The Regret It Will Ooze Out

regret quotes

2. Scream Your Emotions Out Otherwise Regret Is Gonna Burn You Anyway

quotes on emotions

3. He Collapsed Inside Himself Now Society Calls Him Mad

him quotes

4. Distances Eventually Vanished The Most Loved Feelings

distances quotes

5. If Silence Was Joyous Nights Wouldn’t Have Been Painful

night quotes

6. And Then Some Really Beautiful Hearts Have Faced Ugly Interactions                                                 From Some Very Beautiful Faces

ugly heart quotes

7. Not Everything Heals Sometimes Past Is a Curse

quotes on past

8. You Will Never Run Out Of Regrets But Eventually                                                                                          At Certain Stage Of life You Will Run Out Of Tears

quotes on tears

9. Memories Never Heal ; They Just Become Bitter With Time

quotes on memories

10. Why Blame Destiny ? When It’s All About One’s Priorities

quotes on destiny


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