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Tiny Tales – E01

Tiny Tales :

Tiny Tales are always loved by everyone as they are very short to read and they provide great taste to readers. Today publishing tiny tales by two beautiful Indian writers for our lovely readers.

1. ” Still 11:59 PM By Sara Mirza

It’s 11:5Sara Mirza6 p.m. 4 minutes to go for my birthday to end. I enjoyed a lot with my friends and family. At 12 my sister got me a cake, The chocolate one.

My cousins and friends were on the video call, following the rituals, clapping and singing the birthday song.

In the afternoon, I celebrated it with all my friends. We danced like maniacs, almost breaking the floor. In the evening, I celebrated it with my family at our favourite restaurant, which serves that special type of fried chicken, that fails the KFC.

I was happy the whole day except this moment. The time, from 11:45 p.m. to 12 a.m., of my life, is reserved for sadness, for guilt, for regret. In short for him.

But after 12, I don’t even think about him, I swear. 20 days before today, the countdown for the birthday was started by him. But not for mine. It was for his new lover. And I was sitting there, waiting for someone who would count the days down for my birthday.

My birthday is about to end but no one did that ‘count down’ thing. My friends and siblings love me, but they don’t believe in these types of rituals.

He once told me that he will make my birthday special. I remember. And how subtly I replied that it’s 6 months away. Albeit my soul was jumping with happiness.

For he was the first one who said that and I thought he actually meant that. My birthday is about to end but no one made it special for me. Some people, the Loved ones, actually ‘The Loved One’, didn’t even wish. The lover leaves too soon and I regret my choices.

I just hope for the day when I will stop regretting things and wasting these 15 minutes of my day, daily! Albeit,I hoped that he will return the favour, the rose, at least. The rose that made his birthday special. For which he said he will make mine special too.

But as I said, this time of my day is for regretting only and hence, I am doing so. The birthday will end in 2 minutes.I am setting my bed with regret. No hopes are there now. I’m going to switch the net off. But wait! A notification popped. It’s a message. “Happy birthday!” Is all it says. It’s still 11:59 p.m., I saw and smiled.

2. “It Was You By Tarini

I remember the day, I first saw you.! Yes, I do. Amidst all the chaos and exam tension I saw you entering the room. Quite cool and happy go lucky you seemed…

Well so are you, now too. That blue shirt and messy hair. Oh! How could I forget that big, wide smile of yours?

That just makes me fall for you every single time, every moment that ever existed between you and me. You were probably the last person to come that day. Late, maybe you were..

That’s what got me attentive towards your entry, for it was you, for whom the seat behind mine was waiting for.

Of all the 40 students in there… You were something different., and so was I too. That’s how we knew each other. That’s how we are, what we are now. Those were the most beautiful days of my life. Those two weeks…are something I long to live for, forever…For they had you in them…

Maybe that’s what Destiny is..! That’s what, what was planned for us.. That’s what it was supposed to be… For what it is now… And what it will be. And…well… Believe me, sweetheart, I didn’t think much before writing this. All that I knew…was just You.


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