was he a bad boy

Was He Bad?

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It was getting difficult for Aamir to balance his mental state. Running away or quitting wasn’t a option to grab. Aamir was working in a nice firm but in spite of that, he was frustrated about having a balanced social life , emotional strength , job life, and his passion about photography.

He had now became an emotionally withdrawn person which he never realized in spite of that fact his friends and family always told him about the fact but he always neglected it.

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In spite of all this Aamir had a soul friend Nadia who mattered a lot to him. He always used to discuss everything with her without having a fear of being judged.He always felt connected to her as if she was living in her breaths. Even though they were soul friends but they would never be life partners which Aamir and Nadia knew from the start.

Because Nadia was married to one of the family members from Aamir’s family.
From the last 10 years, Nadia and Aamir were virginal soul friends and had developed such a strong bond for each other.

Whenever Nadia used to have problems in her personal life she used to share it with Aamir and they both used to solve it wisely and vice versa. But from the last few months after Aamir had developed a feeling of being treated selfishly by everyone around him.

He also started ignoring Nadia’s phone calls, texts, and every other connecting medium. The fact is we live in an era where you can connect to a person in many ways but nothing works out when the person isn’t itself interested to talk it out.

Nadia tried to help Aamir and share what was going inside her head.But he was ignoring her until one day Aamir went to Nadia’s home and Nadia grabbed his hand and made him sit on the floor by sitting on her back.

Aamir was laughing while Nadia was seriously telling her to explain why he was ignoring her.

Your ignorance pinches me, Aamir? its when you become so hard-hearted? Nadia said

I am not being hard-hearted I am still the same Aamir replied

Oh please shut up, now tell me what’s going on or rather I will kick your butt up. Nadia said

Aamir was suffocating as Nadia was sitting on her back and he was locked up under the weight of Naida.
Okay I will tell but please leave me Aamir said
Aamir opened up and said

It because he is jealous of the fact all his friends are happy and satisfied with their lives and I am not. I am still unstable and I can’t be lonely anymore I want a partner. I am frustrated Aamir said

Hahahahah… Nadia laughed so you are ignoring me because you don’t have a partner or its something else
Awkward silence
Tell me, Aamir, Nadia aroused up Aamir with the force who was in deep slumber

Aamir was still silent and didn’t say anything

After Nadia forced me a lot, Aamir’s patience winded up and he screamed

I am frustrated because I don’t have a beautiful partner like you. I am addicted to bad stuff to stress out of my frustration. I can’t do that anymore, it's getting out of my hands now.
I am also ignoring you because sometimes I can’t take it anymore, I can’t see you getting away from me. I daily visualize why can’t I marry you? why can’t I make love with you? It’s getting frustrating day by day.

A slap on the face and Aamir remained silent and kept his chin down

Are you mad Aamir? we can’t get married? you never told me, you are this much frustrated? it's not a big problem we cant work on it and get you a partner. Okay?

So will you help me whenever I need help ? will you talk to me on WhatsApp as if you are my girlfriend?
Nadia remained silent

Aamir insisted and asked again, will you?
Nadia okay I will help you, now be happy and don’t be sad and never ignore me Nadia replied

Aamir said okay I never will

After having a tea Aamir left back to his home

It was 10:00 PM on the clock when Aamir texted Nadia
Nadia replied as usual

Aamir tried to be little romantic to which Nadia didn’t reply in a better way

After Aamir texted fewer times, Nadia replied normally with time gaps

Amir got angry and blocked her

Nadia sent an SMS to Aamir to which Aamir didn’t reply and she even called him to which Aamir didn’t respond

After sometime Aamir unblocked her and Nadia said sorry for late replies but Aamir till now had lost his mind, modesty and texted Nadia right away

Saying send me your nudes otherwise I won’t talk to you

Nadia was shocked until now, her throat choked with dryness, she replied

Aamir, what are you asking? are you out of your mind ? since when you became so cheap?

Aamir didn’t agree to anything and texted, again and again, asking for nudes

Eventually, Nadia instantly blocked him

Aamir was frustrated until now by this act of her, he threw his phone away and slept.
When he woke up in the morning he saw Nadia had unblocked him.

He was still angry and didn’t forgot about the last night incident and instantly typed a long text to Nadia telling her he doesn’t want to be in his friendship and said bye in a very rude manner and blocked her right away from all the social mediums
Nadia saw the text and Burst into tears.She never realized Aamir would do this with her. She called Aamir 100 times and every time he disconnected the call. After more than 100 missed calls on the notification center of Aamir’s phone.

Aamir picked up the phone and on the other side of the phone call, all he heard were screams and crying.
Something glitched in Aamir’s heart but he acted like as if doesn’t care and straight away said

Why are you calling me? didn’t I make myself clear in the text? I hate you and never want to talk to you Aamir said in the strong tone

Do you hate me? After all, I have done it for you? Nadia said while she was crying so hard

I don’t care. if you can’t do what I said you to do, I don’t want to talk to you Aamir said

Nadia screamed and said
I thought you are the only person from my In-laws side who is mine and I cared more than anything for you I swear upon my children and my husband.

Nadia cried explaining what Aamir meant to her. I really didn’t know this thing will come at least from your side. You never loved me otherwise you wouldn’t have done this
Ya, I never loved you, all I had was lust for you in my heart. Aamir Said

Nadia couldn’t take it after what Aamir said
Stammeringly vocalizing Nadia said I feel like suffocated Aamir, it's like my heart will burst right away I swear upon creator I am not able to take breath. what have you done Aamir.
I loved you, Aamir, my heart craved for your loyal presence , never thought faces are so unpredictable
She took a deep sigh which everyone does after a great crying and she hung up

The last lines stuck into Aamir’s heart. He felt too much unstable.

His heart started pumping as he was running in a marathon .He put his index finger in his eyes and suddenly realized he was crying too. He felt what he did wasn’t good it was shameful, everything from the past was flashing back in front of his eyes.

Those late-night gossips , long drives, lunch dates with Nadia. He was walking on the street otherwise Aamir would have cried but he controlled his tears and inhumed them down which made him more worse to be stable and walk normally.

He was cursing himself what he did wasn’t good at all , he should go and die
His mind was occupied by the crying sounds of Nadia which was making him feel cold in 45 degrees of hot sun.

He opened up his phone and unblocked Nadia but realized she had already blocked him and while he was scrolling up the old chats , the drop of tear fell on his mobile screen.
He thought to do something about it.. He took a half day from his office and went back home. After reaching the home street he bought some red roses and some Cadbury chocolates.

He straight away went to Nadia’s home and saw Nadia under the brown fluffy blanket ..
Her eyes were closed with tears and her chubby face was red because of too much crying. She woke up and didn’t say anything. Her mother in law was sitting there he couldn’t talk to her and said

Can you please come outside I need to tell you something

Nadia stood up and came outside and Amir also came behind her

The lobby was full of secrecy and she didn’t look into Amir's eyes

Amir bends down on his knees and gave her the chocolates, red roses, and said I am sorry.
I know I am a cheap guy. I know I am mad but believe me I lost it I didn’t mean it. I was frustrated I am sorry. can we be friends again?

She looked into Amir's eyes, and that smile on her face was more ecstatic then the brightness of the sun she held Amir up,  took the chocolates and roses.
Didn’t I deserve much more than this, she said in a sarcastic way

Amir came forward kissed on her forehead and both hugged each other!

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