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Betrayal And The Rum Cake

Maria was happy about the secret preparations that she was going to make for her husband Ron. Ron left for the office as usual at 9:00 clock and Maria started planning for the tonight surprise party. she used to make the Rum cheese cupcake for Ron which he always loved as Maria had a great hand in making those cupcakes. It was their 9th anniversary so she had to make it more perfect and best this time to celebrate their 9th year of togetherness.
it was 3:00 clock in the afternoon when Maria was done with almost all preparations except the cupcake’s wasn’t baked yet.she received a call from someone unknown and when she received her face color turned yellow and shine for the celebrations was lost .she kept the phone down and ran, started the car ignition and left somewhere. After reaching a place she found Ron’s car parked outside the house.
she had already lost it. She sneaked from the window and saw Ron with other women cuddling and kissing each other on the couch.she was devasted, tears were drowning through her eyes. She controlled herself from going inside, left, and drove back home.
it was 10 :0 clock in the night Ron came home and Maria wished him the same way as if she didn’t know anything. Ron was happy with the surprise and waited eagerly for his special rum cheese cupcake on the dining table.
Maria bought the cake and served it to Ron with the same love and taste but an extra feature of Poisoned rum cheese cupcake this time.

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