lessons learned

She learned a lesson

It was 3rd time now Sahil saw his name under the failure section on the notice board where results of the 3rd semester were announced. Sahil was devasted after what he expected turned the opposite. He had worked hard for this. He sat down on the floor and coupled his head on thighs and cried. Sahil came from a middle-class background so coming first was necessary for him. He went home and cursed himself for not working hard.

Circulations of the fan weren’t making Sahil feel sleepy in the lap of his bed. Sleeping was not an option. Turning upside down and sideways Sahil was trying to look for the proper reason to make himself comfortable how did he let it happen again.

Seeing the glass of water on the table Sahil grabbed it and released his thirst of frustration. At this time of night except clock tickling, no noise was heard. Sahil suddenly put the glass down and jumped off the bed towards his study table on which everything was kept in order the notes in the middle, the pen box in the left corner, the calendar at the right.

He grabbed the notes and dragged away from all the question papers from it and started recalculating the marks that he attempted…

Damm, he murmured with himself as the calculated percentage which came out to be  100% and he should get the first position. This made him more sadistic. His red face color was waved off. He snatched his hair and screamed.

But nothing was in his hand now the result was out there. But he wanted to know how Arushi got first who was roll no 2nd and Sahil being roll no 1st failed the 3rd time.

He tossed punch into the wall expressing his anger. Sleep didn’t come his way that night.

The next morning he straight away went into the administration department inquiring the xerox of his papers to which he was told that it will take some time as they were busy in for preparations of next semester exams.

Sahil decided to work hard for his next exam and work on his handwriting as his handwriting was bad and he thought maybe this was a reason he failed.

Sahil hated Arushi from the core of his heart but never really showed on her face.

Every other student in the class was amused by how a dumb student like Arushi got first in the exams. Finally, everyone was busy preparing for next exams. And suddenly Sahil got notified from the administration dept that his paper is ready for evaluation.

He went there and got Xerox copies of his papers. Shocked to see he observed all the answers were correct but marks were deducted with a note on every answer sheet “ copied from another student “

He was shocked and tears rolled down through his eyes. His face turned pale and legs shivered. He Burst into anger that how can this happen. He went into his hostel and tried to attempt suicide when suddenly his friend came to save him and make him understand this not the solution.

And when Sahil narrated his friend about the fact even he was shocked how can such a thing happen when everybody knew how brilliant Sahil was. Finally, after some discussion, his friend said he had some connections in the examination dept he can arrange the xerox of answer sheets of the other students from his class to examine the matter closely and file a complaint afterword’s with proof.

He agreed and they managed to get answer sheets. While observing the answer sheets what they found was very shocking. The answer sheets of Arushi matched the answer sheets of Sahil. The same exact words were written on Arushi papers which Sahil had written.

They understood what is the matter. Arushi had copied the answers from him and passed the exams as she used to sit behind him. Sahil got angry and decided to meet Arushi and slap him harder. But then they decided to do something else to teach her a lesson. Exams were close.

In the next exam, Sahil mastered the plan with his friend and as decided, he wrote the wrong answers into the paper, and Arushi who sat behind Sahil copied all of it and handed over the paper to the examiner thinking she passed the paper. Afterword’s Sahil erased all the answers and rewrote the right ones, submitted the paper.

The result came and Arushi failed the exam and Sahil passed with 1st rank

Arushi Learned The Lesson!

Moral: Copied Ideas Never Leads To Success

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