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Love Or Betrayal ?

Love or Betrayal is a short story of Aamir and Amreen who lost themselves in the battle of unanswered regrets.

The book “The lost boy” was still bookmarked on page 23 from last 1 year lying on the same table without being read. Aamir entered the room with the usually occupied mind and upset face. The disappearance of Amreen wasn’t something so easy to forget. It had left him ripped and stripped. The way she left had made Aamir more misanthropic and introvert person.

She was the one whom he considered his soul friend. As usual, Aamir changed his clothes and laid down surfing through his phone just to find some peace of mind which he never really found and ended up sneaking into Amreen’s profile which was active but un-updated since the day she left him stranded.

Aamir opened the book lying on the table trying to read it but remembers how he narrated page 23 to Amreen and closed the book. This had become the routine of Aamir now from last year.
Aamir leaned his head on the wall and started counting the lines on the ceiling eventually falling into the trap of blurred memories.
Was that marriage so important to her? Aamir said to himself.
How  did she leave me all alone in the middle of nowhere?
Did I really treat her so bad? Aamir asked several questions to himself to which he found no answers and felt asleep.
Next morning it was weekend and Aamir as usual woke up sneaking into her profile just in some hope to get in touch with her just to say how sorry he was.
What hadn’t Aamir tried, contacted her friends, her cousins, family everyone but no one knew where she was
Aamir surfed through same old conversations and spend his whole afternoon on the bed making his heart bleed more and more.
Suddenly Aamir jumped from the bed, opened his cupboard and pulled out a wooden brown box
Something Was hiding beneath that white paper inside the box
It was the print of the same WhatsApp screenshot chat when he proposed Amreen for his friendship and she said yes
He read and read it again making his eyes wet. He read more of that printed screenshots
I wish I would have told her that I loved her? I wish I haven’t been afraid of losing her as my friend? I wish, Aamir said to himself; took a deep sigh and sat down on his bed.
Aamir loved Amreen but never really confessed. She was the one who always understood him and made him feel worthy.
Until one Damm day when Aamir had just decided to say his feelings. Amreen came to his house with a surprise which turned out to be a massacre for both of them.
Amreen entered Aamir’s flat.
Hey, Amreen what a great surprise. I was just coming to meet you
Oh really! Do you seem to look very happy anything special? dressed quite cool? what are you hiding ha Amreen said
I will tell you everything Aamir said just sit down first.
Aamir ran fast towards to his room and hide the bouquet under his pillow he bought for Amreen
And went back into the hall where Amreen was surfing through her phone
So how you came here Aamir said to Amreen
I have to tell you something Amreen said with a smile on her thick lips which was giving a complete sign of betrayal which Aamir didn’t get through
Ya even I want to tell you something but you tell first Aamir replied
I am getting married! Amreen said
Darkness flashed in front of Aamir’s eyes and a mountain of needles prodded into Aamir’s heart with betrayal.
What! Aamir replied with tears in his eyes

But you never told me about this Aamir said with fake a smile trying to hide his own pain. That’s what boys are always told to do hide your pain.
Ya! it happened so fast and you never really asked me about this. Amreen replied.
Never asked? but friends were supposed to tell each other everything without being asked Aamir said
Ya but! let it be na. you don’t wanna see him?
News of getting married wasn’t enough that she is showing me his photo Aamir vocalized with his inner self and said
Ya ya sure! I am so happy for you Aamir replied who was almost broken until now

Him? really Aamir replied
Why? you so shocked, do you know him? Amreen said
No, I am not shocked what has happened to your choice? he so ugly and looks like he smokes also look at his lips
What? are you out of your mind? when you became so judgemental Aamir? Amreen asked with a weird expression
Just that he looks ugly and smoker Aamir replied
Aamir fought a lot with her that why she shouldn’t marry him until in rush and anger Aamir suddenly said
Because I don’t want to lose you Amreen; I Damm love you, why don’t you understand?
The silence was all over the place when suddenly Amreen replied back
What? are you out of your mind? I am 6 years old then you! this can’t be happening we are just friends?  Amreen said
No, we are not friends. we are more than that Aamir replied back and moved forward towards Amreen
What are trying to do Aamir, Amreen said stepping backward
Nothing just proving I am a man Aamir replied and tried to kiss Amreen forcibly but failing Amreen slapped Aamir hard on his face
I didn’t expect this from you, Aamir, Amreen said while tears were falling through her bulky chubby cheeks
Then don’t marry her Amreen .. I will die without you., God Damm, I love you!
No, you don’t love me you just have infatuation and lust Amreen replied back
Then I will make sure he dies and you too die.
Amreen was shocked by Aamir words and said
You will never see my face again Aamir bye, banged the door and Amreen left his apartment
Aamir didn’t know Amreen was really leaving and came for her approval as her family had already rejected her choice ..she wanted at least Aamir to be present at her wedding. Aamir came to know about all this when Amreen didn’t respond to his calls and messages. He went to his home and learned she had gone away.
Tears weren’t stopping as of now while Aamir was memorizing the last huddle and handling those printed screenshot in his hands.
Suddenly Aamir reminded of something, he changed his clothes took his car keys from the holder, and went on the trip.
He remembered that Amreen told her once she wanted to live her rest of the life near the forest side in the city of scars as she found that place peaceful.
He drove fast that he will find her and say sorry
On reaching there he finally found her near the chinar tree outside her small brown cottage in the backyard kissing her husband; Aamir smiled, screamed sorry to her in the silence of air, and drove back to home.

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