Ode To Both My Mothers

Ode To Both My Mothers – A Poem By Raj Sahu

My mind muddl’d among various things,
But ne’er had I sunk into oblivion.
Thy puissant presence stand firm among beings
Thou art this passing world’s champion.
What laud shall I offer to thee,
For thy toils, worries, and emotions?
And lo! the haggard visage of my goddess,
I wonder, if any creature on land or sea,
Can ever and ever grok my notions?
I aver that thy love is eternally ageless.

Thy shadow o’er me is the apricity,
Thine affection flows like a deluge,
No writ can ever define the affinity,
Of our relation tough and huge.
How in heaven’s name do I forget,
Thy soft reprimands for my sake,
Eftsoons why thee regret in thy sombre core,
Even thy essence rises from the sweat,
Corrected me on my every mistake,
For which I bow before thee and adore.

‘Tis thy glory of which everyone sings,
The melodious lyrics of song flows,
What immense joy the song brings,
Soothe my heart during my woes.
O, winsome lady! thy place so high,
Thy position surpass the heights of welkin,
Men of ground venerate thee on bent knees,
Bairns of ground find no other to rely,
Filled with, therefore, thy praise herein,
And smeared over land by each cardinal breeze.

Thou hast drilled a niche in my heart,
To make a space for thee to dwell,
Live in this abode, but ne’er depart,
Ne’er ever I can bid thee farewell.
Adieu! Adieu! I should verily stop there,
Tomes are least before thy eulogies,
As no creature is equipollent to mother,
Not in truth or in sweven, can anyone bear,
The seclusion from thee. All ideologies
says ‘Here is the mother, whenas come another?’


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