short quotes to read today

Short Quotes To Read Today

20 Short Quotes To Read Today

1. Even the love of the tree and leaves couldn’t last long,                                                                                          Time Changed Leaves Died & Tree Moved On

2. And after travelling the world of expectations ,                                                                                                  The halting heart died in the lap of memories

3. No good you can do to yourself too,                                                                                                                          If you are selfish and mean

4. Don’t sow a seed inside a hardened heart ,                                                                                                             Roses never grow on a stone

5.Smoking Kills So Does The Regret

6.It wasn’t fake , it wasn’t real either ; it was just need of time

7. Expectations were rolling down through cheeks,                                                                                           While i unwrapped you from my memories

8. Memories are the reason ,                                                                                                                                             why people don’t trust these days

9. Roaming around memories i came to know no-one stays forever

10. Supressed by the unspoken hatred ,                                                                                                        Hoplessly hopeful till eternity

11. Never trust the people who are in love,                                                                                                      Because they are already living in a lie

12. I tried to ask for forgiveness but you denied it ,                                                                                        Because of misunderstandings.

13. Sometimes i turn speechless to my own feelings

14. Lost in silence searching for peace

15. Trying to ignore the screams i unknowingly felt asleep in the lap pf my bed

16. Love the creator who made you for a reason ,                                                                                                  Not the people who need you for a reason

17. And that is not what i wished for

18. The thing that falls from your eyes is nothing ,                                                                                                 but the conclusion of your expectations

19. I Wished ; I Wonder Why

20. Not every beautiful face has a sincere heart

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Muneeb Zargar

Muneeb Zargar

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