20 Short Quotes To Read Today

1. Even the love of the tree and leaves couldn’t last long,                                                                                          Time Changed Leaves Died & Tree Moved On

2. And after travelling the world of expectations ,                                                                                                  The halting heart died in the lap of memories

3. No good you can do to yourself too,                                                                                                                          If you are selfish and mean

4. Don’t sow a seed inside a hardened heart ,                                                                                                             Roses never grow on a stone

5.Smoking Kills So Does The Regret

6.It wasn’t fake , it wasn’t real either ; it was just need of time

7. Expectations were rolling down through cheeks,                                                                                           While i unwrapped you from my memories

8. Memories are the reason ,                                                                                                                                             why people don’t trust these days

9. Roaming around memories i came to know no-one stays forever

10. Supressed by the unspoken hatred ,                                                                                                        Hoplessly hopeful till eternity

11. Never trust the people who are in love,                                                                                                      Because they are already living in a lie

12. I tried to ask for forgiveness but you denied it ,                                                                                        Because of misunderstandings.

13. Sometimes i turn speechless to my own feelings

14. Lost in silence searching for peace

15. Trying to ignore the screams i unknowingly felt asleep in the lap pf my bed

16. Love the creator who made you for a reason ,                                                                                                  Not the people who need you for a reason

17. And that is not what i wished for

18. The thing that falls from your eyes is nothing ,                                                                                                 but the conclusion of your expectations

19. I Wished ; I Wonder Why

20. Not every beautiful face has a sincere heart

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