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Secret Of Life

Every one among us has a secret passion to follow, a dream to achieve but never really reach their due to some reasons. Some die in the middle of the path due to their own negativity /mindset and some due to loss of patience. We always have been saying “Good Things Never Happen Overnight” but we never believed in the fact.

We are a generation that needs super-fast delivery in everything we can’t wait until the fruit ripens so now we are eating artificially ripen, colorized fruits .we We upload a post on Instagram and believe to reach thousand by just one post. We need to understand the fact there is a difference between viral vulgarity or idiocy and quality. Quality will take time to reach its proper audience and achieve popularity but once it has reached them.

It will feed you lifelong but viral vulgarity is just for some time. So whatever your dream is whether being a doctor, writer, a great scientist, Youtuber, Instagram influencer, Engineer, a chef, a cricketer any dream you want to achieve and become famous you need to have a great mountain of patience inside you.

In between the process of starting and getting to success, everyone faces discouragement and sarcasm from people and praising also. But you need to keep patience and trust your skill that a large audience is waiting for you on the stage you just need to travel through the torn roads of a mountain until you reach the destination.
Even I have suffered through a lot while reaching here and today also I receive a lot of criticism. But always remember “So long is their life; there will be a struggle”. I have myself suffered through a stage of severe depression and after taking a long course of medication, and physiatrist sessions my life has changed because of many things among which there is a book about which I am going to talk in this post.
The book’s name is “The Secret” by Rhonda Bhyne and available on all leading shopping sites.
The book is just flavored with everything that an induvial needs to overcome his nightmares, fears, and change his/her thought process to achieve bigger goals in life. The book has been passed down through ages, highly coveted, hidden, lost, stolen, and bought for vast sums of money.

This centuries-old Secret has been understood by some people. Now the secret is being shared with the world. The booklets you go through the process of how you can let your thoughts bring to reality by just visualizing it.
The book also shares some success stories of people. The book now has been covered in the documentary which you can find on YouTube in English and Hindi both.

Some true success stories are
1. Curing Cancer:
Bronwyn says she was diagnosed with cancer and she was lost .she changed many doctors to never really find a better solution until a relative of her told her to read “The Secret” and within one week of reading it her tumor in the breast shrank to 20%. Later on, before going to bed, she used to watch herself in the mirror and visualize a 100 % healthy and pain-free body. by reading secret daily and using its visualization principles within a span of months she is 100 % free of cancer now.

2. The Magic Cheque
Durban says: As its mentioned in the book about the magic cheque so I wrote a magic cheque to myself against some certain amount. After some days I was given 2/3 of the amount I had written it out for by a family member. I even wrote one for family and friends. I wrote one for my mom and she was skeptical but within a week she got some good news.

She will be getting a refund on one of her insurances. Today another family member also deposited some money for her. She is slowly starting to believe.I will be continuing practicing gratitude and spreading the love because I know life can only get more magical and beautiful. The Secret not only works for you but you can use it to help others.

3. The Parking Space
Ray says: I was feeling very hungry and I decided to drive to the shopping center. Being a Sunday, it was crowded. I am a fairly good driver but somehow I was struggling to park my car because the space was very cramped. However, I did not give up and I finally managed to park between a green and a red car. Now the rear end of my car was kind of close to the green car. I tried to adjust it but I wasn’t satisfied and I just hoped that by the time I got back, the green car would not be there and I can make an easy exit. While I was waiting for my meal I started to write my daily gratitude diary. I precisely wrote, ‘Thank you for giving me easy access to driving my car off the car park’. Magic Dust on the servers and meal and then I devoured my tasty food.
Afterward, I reached the car park and the moment I approached my car, the red car made an exit. I quickly managed to get my car out. I was and I still am bubbling with joy!

4. The ATM Machine
Sudan Says: I was leaving for office and had to go into the ATM first to take out some cash. But as usual, I knew the machine never provides the small notes and I have to struggle for the change later. So while entering into the ATM I visualized the perfect change of small notes coming out of a machine. I swapped the card, entered the pin and I received exact same notes I have visualized. I just started believing in the secret.
There are thousands of examples people have mentioned, you can read some more from the secret website. If you really want to change your life, want some more money, want a life partner, want a balanced life any Damm thing you ask and nature will get it to you. The Universe always has a way out. It’s got your back. The principle is to ask, believe, and receive.

Read the book and see how your life changes .i have changed mine now is your turn. You can share your secret stories after reading the book on the secret website or also on our website in the comment section below and help the world.
Rise and Shine.

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