true love and a mistake

True love and a Mistake

Ravi and Seema both were the students of business studies in the same college. Ravi and Seema didn’t like each other at first but then destiny was already written and they became soulmates. Both of them were happily enjoying being in relationship.

But we never know what life will serve us next moment. The same happened with Ravi and Seema when they graduated from college and got placed in two different MNC’s. They still were used to give each other time after office hours but never really had thought of a live-in relationship.

Days passed and suddenly Ravi observed some weird changes in Seema for few days. Whenever he tried to ask she gave the excuse of office pressure and Ravi being not aware of the fact behind it used to agree always.

One day when Ravi couldn’t control seeing Seema so low. Ravi out of frustration decided to get into Seema’s office and convey a message to her boss to not give her so much of work. Ravi entered with an angry face into the office floor.

As he was about to enter the manager’s cabin without letting Seema know he saw Seema gossiping with some guy in the canteen and they didn’t look like friends with each other it was more than that.

Ravi burst into tears but somehow he controlled his anger and went back into the lift and got to his apartment.

In the evening he met Seema and while talking he generally asked her does she have a male friend in the office? to which Seema replied no I have only female friends and I don’t any male guy in the office, this made Ravi crazy but he kept mum and decided not to so say anything as he loved her which is why many guys die the death of loneliness.

Time passed and Ravi was already full of anger because of the fact he thought Seema is cheating on him and he wasn’t able to open up about his insecurities on her face. It had been already more than a week when Ravi met Seema, talked to her, and got into a big fight with Seema for not telling the truth.

It was Sunday and Ravi decided to go to Seema’s apartment to sort out everything as she didn’t reply to his text and neither picked up his phone.

Seema loved Ravi but something was there which was eating her up in the silence and she could decide between wrong and right.
Ravi reached the apartment and opened the door with an alternative key he had to Seema’s flat.
He quietly entered into her flat thinking of giving her surprise. But what he saw made her legs paralyzed, mouth stuck inside the lips and eyes wide open.

Seema was kissing the same guy he saw her within the office canteen. He was shocked and flowers wrapped in the pink wrapped bouquet fell down on the floor making a little noise which Seema heard and came out of her room. seeing Ravi in front of her she went numb and tears felt into her eyes.
Ravi its nothing like that Seema said
Nothing like that really? Ravi replied back with his eyes red and cheeks wet with tears
Never show me your face! I hate you and Ravi left the apartment banging door rudely.
Seema was stuck she couldn’t figure what just happened and fell down crying indistinctly

Ravi cried and drank a lot for few days .even after Seema’s so many sorry texts and calls he ignored everything.he was devasted and wasn’t able to get that picture from his mind seems kissing that guy.
Later somedays when Ravi came back to his senses he read all the texts from Seema and realized the fact the same office guy whom she was kissing in her flat was her ex- Prashant.

It was just a compromise to get you out of mind .it doesn’t mean anything to me Ravi , Seema had written in the text.
Ravi was now getting everything but he was still mad at Seema.

A week later Ravi decided to make things work with Seema as he really loved her so he thought to forgive her and let it go.
He was leaving his office to Seema’s flat when suddenly he received a text from Seema
I am sorry Ravi.I will never do it me at my flat waiting for you

Ravi drove to Seema’s flat and felt door was locked he thought she must be in the bathroom or something like that so he opened the door with the same alternative key kept the under the green welcome doormat.

As he opened the door the box of donut in his hand fell down and Ravi screamed

Seemaaaa! ( crying indistinctly)

Seema was hanging from the ceiling fan with a big note written on the wall

“ I am sorry Ravi ! but I love you and I promise I will never do it again “

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