Every once in a while, whenever we want to do something new in our life or else follow our passion. Everyone among us faces negativity, sarcasm, criticism and end up quitting what we love doing. Whenever a person becomes an artist whether being a singer, actor, writer, dancer, youtuber or anything our own mindset is first which kills our faith in ourselves much more than anyone else. To help yourself in becoming a good artist and achieve success let me tell you the secret tip today.
The tip is nothing but three simple rules
Find your skill set
Trust your taste
Go tell the world
Find your skill set is as simple as selecting your career. For some people who are lazy for them, it takes years to understand what they actually love and will pursue it as their passion. Just whatever you love doing, pursue it as your passion now and that’s when you find your skill set. For me I love writing stories, poetry and it took me 1 year to realize that.
Second Trust your taste is a very simple thing to understand. Let me take an example to make you understand it. There are two kinds of people in the world one are vegans and other nonvegans. Vegans people always criticize nonvegans for eating chicken and all while nonvegans criticize vegans for eating only green but that doesn’t mean chicken and meat is bad and vice versa both of them is good in taste. Same like people who like salt criticize sugar and vice versa but both sugar and salt is good. Similar is the case when you become an artist whether singer, writer or dancer. you need to invest in your own idea first by believing in it, enjoying it and having faith there will be people who will love your taste.
No matter what there will be people who will dislike your skill and will let you down but some will love it. You need to do it for yourself first then for those who love it and are waiting for it.
Finally, the last step is Go tell the world about your skill and wait for the reaction. But remember
“ Good Things Never Happen Overnight “

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