It feels like I am living in the jungle with you guys Drake said to his parents while they were having dinner on the table

Drake turned 18 last month. And now his behavior was rude towards his parents as he felt like they were not behaving like humans to him and thought he is more mature and stronger in the house now.

Today, while he was fighting with them for no reason both of his parents, were silent and tears in there eyes were explaining the scenario. But Drake was already behaving like a mad boy.

He fought a lot as usual, went into his room and locked himself inside. While he was asleep , he saw a dreadful dream and woke up in fear.It was 6:00 O’ Clock in the morning, his body was full of sweat. Suddenly he shouted mom and went into the kitchen to drink water.

He shouted mom, dad where are you? but no one was there. he searched all over the house but all in vain. He thought the may have gone on walk.he sat down on the dining table and suddenly realized there was a letter beneath the glass of water. He kept the glass aside and opened the letter!

“ We are not your parents Drake! We are vampires and kidnapped you from your real parents.”


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