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A House In Alaska

It had been a year since i have shifted to my new house which i got in a really cheap rate. House was considered to be haunted but I never felt like that in a year now.Talking about myself i live in south Alaska with my girlfriend Nancy who is so sweet and met her a year ago in the same city.

I met her in the nearby park one day while I was coming back from the office in the evening. I am a lazy kind of person who loves to sleep all the time except when I am in the office.
I was a lost writer and never could concentrate properly on my work but since Nancy has come she had loved me a lot and cares for me. She made me a responsible person.
One day after coming back from office me and Nancy had a big argument on why she doesn’t want to meet my family in Vegas. She really never goes out of the house. We fought and later that night she was so mad at me while I was sleeping, I suddenly opened my eyes and she had a knife in her hand trying to murder me in a very weird long white dress.
I ran trying to save myself while she ran behind me and I reached to neighbor’s house and knocked at their door. Meanwhile, she was coming towards me faster.
Someone opened the door and I asked for help. The elderly person on the door replied son what are you talking about, you live alone in that house and there is no one behind you
I turned back and she was nowhere.
I wonder I had been living with a ghost all year.

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