Forever I am stumbling around the twilight of this shuttered room,
Seeing your silhouetted face vanishing forever.

It has become a cliché for me now,
Seeing you leave. But this time,

I know you won’t be coming back.
You won’t be staying anymore.

I can see you leaving me alone,
But I can’t unsee these memories of you,

Constantly playing in my head.
You’re leaving despite those promises,

You have forgotten all those bourbon kisses,
And you don’t remember those bone-breaking hugs.

Your eyes don’t seem that boozy now.
I swear darling,

I won’t ever see any sunsets now,
Coz I have seen the best ones in your eyes,

And I won’t be ruining them.
I have loved you all my life,

But now I hate you for leaving me.
For this time you won’t come back,

I know.
So before you leave me,

I am leaving this shuttered room of this god damn hospital,
For I can’t see you leave again, this time, FOREVER.


Authored By: Sara Mirza

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