society and despression

Society Vs Depression

Varun after being so disappointed with his life. One day Varun met this girl Taniya on social media while checking some mutual connections. He randomly checked into the account, find it somehow interested, and send an add request. Eventually, both ended up being friends and then into a couple.

Taniya who found a lost kid in Varun always understood him and helped him get out of his depressing moods. They both were enjoying being together though never really realized both of them are having a long-distance relationship. The factor didn’t bother them because they were mad for each other. Varun who found himself back, loved Taniya a lot.
And Finally, after a year of being in a relationship, they finally met and fall more for each other. Whereas Taniya she had completely lost it when she saw how cute, sincere, and shy in behavior Varun was face to face then on virtual social media.
Both were excited and enough happy to be together. Varun had decided if he will marry any girl its only Taniya.
One fine day he decided to open up to his mom about it and convey the facts. Co-incidentally she was discussing something regarding marriages with Riya (Varun’s sister). He sat down quietly on the sofa and listened to their gossips while surfing on his phone.
Suddenly his mother said I can’t let my children get married to Sudra family ( low-cast )because our society, which will never accept it
Listening to this Varun was already broke before he couldn’t say anything, his heart was beating like a racing car engine, and tears were just about to drop and he decided to leave the room.
He didn’t know how to react. His throat was choked and mouth was seized …He couldn’t even cry. He didn’t even make a try to tell his mother that Taniya is from the same low cast and inhumed it down.
He cried in his room and decided to break up with Taniya which wasn’t a great discussion. Maybe if he had told his mother she would have agreed and let the society speak anyway.
He conveyed his message to Taniya that I am breaking up with you and while writing the message his hands trembled and he instantly blocked Taniya so that he couldn’t listen to his text.
Varun was again lost in Skies. Taniya contacted him several times but failed and eventually, she gave up.
After months of separation
Taniya moved on with the right guy this time taking the right decision while Varun received a gift from society “Depression” and is still suffering.

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