Thank You note

Thank You!

Exactly 3 years back on 1st July 2016 I uploaded first post on this blog. That day I randomly made a decision to express my emotions, experiences through writing whether it is short stories or poetry without realising the truth of happiness while delivering quality to my readers. That time I didn’t knew people will love my work so much and this blog will be a hit!

I today want to thank all of you , who have supported this blog until now and will always. It’s because of you people this blog has never stopped working hard to provide quality to you all.

Now almost writing 40+ short stories , 15+ poems and 600+ quotes and reaching global audience from UAE,USA,FRANCE,GERMANY,SOUTH  AFRICA,CANADA,PAKISTAN,BANGLADESH,KENYA , INDIA and all other F1 countries the team of life and short stories had decided to accept some feedback and suggestion from you guys. All we want from you people is to fill  the form below. Fill up the form below with the story type of yours that you like and want us to write stories on. Also, mention in the paragraph what you like about our stories and which story you liked the most. Moreover you can also tell us what you don’t like about our posts and what we should stop doing. Waiting for your replies.

Help us grow with positive feedback and truth.We will be happy with honest feedbacks more than comforting feedbacks…..


Sending lots of love to all the readers and to all the humanity out there.

May peace prevail !

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