why gratitude matters

Why Gratitude ?

Sharing a great short story about why we really should develop gratitude in ourselves :

It’s was 1 0′ clock in the afternoon and the sun was still hiding behind the clouds. My feet’s were hurting a lot as I have been walking since last one hour and humidity had already broken my back.

I was walking with my sore feet when I saw a street vendor under the shadow of a tree across the road and without any second thought, I reached to his stall to have some snacks.
Meanwhile, there was this woman dressed in versed pink-colored shalwar kameez and wearing some artificial gold jewelry with her child was also having some snack from the same street vendor.

I was having my plate of snacks when she completed her plate and her child asked for one more piece she said no at first but her baby didn’t agree and she looked in her purse which had no money.

She dragged her baby away and said no. I was silently observing her facial expressions which were saying it all that how helpless she was. She asked the vendor guy for one free etc piece and he said no she again asked but he denied. It was hurting her but she didn’t express it on her face.
She went away and then suddenly she came back and asked vendor again please give me one free piece, tears were there in her eyes but she controlled that’s how mothers are strong, emotional and always there. She couldn’t see her baby crying.
Till now I myself was hurting on seeing this. I wanted to offer her one but I knew she wouldn’t except. She was a courageous woman. The vendor dragged a polythene bag from below the cart and opened it. It had some leftover pieces from yesterday he picked one and gave it to her.
She looked into the vendor’s face and wanted to throw this rotten piece on his face but she again kept calm and handed it to her baby with a smiling face.
Seeing this I had gratitude in me and thanked the creator with whatever I have been blessed with

Moral :

Most of among us have never really given a second thought on buying something which we crave for. We never really develop .gratitude in us for what creator has blessed us with but rather we look for people who are better than us which brings thanklessness in us.
We end up having a depressing life. Instead of that, we should look for people who have been blessed less than us and have to think twice before even buying a packet of biscuit.

Having Gratitude :
– Can change your life because it breathes positivity into everything you’re doing
– It improves the quality of your life
– Shifts your focus
– Makes you feel happier
– Reduces your innermost fears
– Strengthens and enhances your faith
– Gives you peace of mind
– Emboldens you to reach for your goals

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Share your thoughts below in comment section and let us know how often you felt gratitude.

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