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It was exactly 10 0’ clock in the sunday morning when I was doing something on my laptop. My father knocked on my room door and said let’s go with a little different expression on his face.

He doesn’t know how to drive a car or scooter so it has been always my responsibility to drop him whenever he has to go anywhere especially on Sundays when he is at home.
I have been to this place many times but today it felt like he was so desperate to go there.I started the ignition, he sat beside me and we went through the narrow roads, parks and the uncivilized colonies where educated people still through garbage on roads.
Finally, after 10-15 minutes of drive we reached.The same lush green evergreens I have been seeing from past few years now, large green fence and some beautiful houses on the other side.
Parked the scooter aside, I entered inside and while my father had already reached to plot no 47 where for the first time in my life I saw a part of my father missing.His eyes wanted to cry but he was a father of two and behaved strong in front of me, I felt that but couldn’t help him as he remained busy in staring at his mother’s grave with a helpless face.

I wonder how he has managed these years without her when i can’t manage more than one day talking to my mother. He is a strong man and a father.My respect for him became much more today.I crunched my index finger under my teeth when I read the date on the grave. Exactly today she died 5 years ago and none of us remembered that.
Today i saw a  mother who died years ago but is still alive inside her son’s soul.


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Muneeb Zargar

Muneeb Zargar

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