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The investigation – E01 is a newly introduced content on the blog which will deal with book reviews. So Here is Today’s investigations/book review :


 1. Little women: Review

Author: Louisa May Alcott

Rate: 5/5

            little women


The story is plotted during the times of the Civil War when men were at borders and women used to run the economy. Four little girls (March Sisters) struggle during the time of the War but they all try to work hard and live happily in their poor little house. Meg, the wisest, puts her family first. Jo, the aspiring author, works hard for her passion. Beth, the quiet one, loves to play the piano and keeps the house neat. Amy, the youngest one loves to paint and she is a spoiled child.


The classic novel set around the nineteenth century when people used to read books about fights, the bravery of men and wars, Louisa May Alcott’s book was written for women and portraying their suffering during the times of the War. It’s a surprise for the readers that this book is actually based on the author’s own life.

I want to do something splendid…

something heroic or wonderful that won’t be forgotten after I’m dead.

I don’t know what, but I’m on the watch for it and mean to astonish you all someday.”

This is one of my favorite classic novels. The four girls and their passion for love and work are bewitching. People always find it difficult to read classics and since it’s old enough, many readers think it would be holding messages and themes that are outdated. But that’s not the case with little women. I still could relate to every message, every quote and every woman portrayed in this story.

Talking about, the love interest of the girls, yes, it’s heartbreaking and miserable to see two people not ending together. I was all the time giddy while reading the story. I laughed, cried (***spoiler alert***, one of the sisters die) and fell in love with this book.

“I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship.”

This novel is for anyone who is in love with passion, for someone who knows that after darkness comes the light.

The book has been filmed many times. The new version filmed in 2019, featuring Emma Watson, Saoirse Ronan, Laura Dern, and Timothée Chalamet. The film was nominated for Oscars. The ending was changed in the film, to pay tribute to Louisa May Alcott.


 2. There’s something about Sweetie

Author: Sandhya Menon

Rate: 4/5

           There's something about Sweetie


Sweetie is a fat girl who is in love with her life, she is an athlete, she loves her family and friends but her mother is worried about her weight, as she thinks Sweetie wouldn’t get a good marriage proposal if she doesn’t lose her weight. Ashish is disappointed in love after her girlfriend dumps her and his parents think they can find a better match for him. Ashish and Sweetie start dating each other and both have to prove something to their parents. Can they find their true selves without losing each other?

My Review:

Times are changing. Gone are the times when a fat girl was a sidekick in the novels. Here we have our heroine fighting against all odds.

Sweetie is a cute, mature and sometimes angry woman and she is breaking all the prejudices first, she is an athlete, proving that weight has nothing to do with running fast. Thank you so much, Sweetie.

Ashish is what all the boys should be. He is a supportive, caring and kind person. I love his personality.

“Sweetie she’s…she’s like the other half of my jagged soul, you know? She’s got the soft edges that fuse with my hard ones.’ He shook his head. ‘There’s something about Sweetie. Something I can’t explain.”

Sandhya Menon always comes up with different stories and this one is my favorite. Her writing style is simple but goes straight through your heart.

“To me, fat isn’t a bad word. It’s other people who’ve made it like that. It’s as much a part of me being an athlete or Indian American or a girl.”

This novel doesn’t feature just a love story but it carries an important message. The story talks about knowing your worth, finding inner peace and loving your body. One of the best things is Sweetie is not the kind of girl who thinks ‘no one will ever love me until I lose my weight’ but she owns it, she proves that I can do anything I want and my body weight doesn’t define me.

I would say it’s a must-read, for everyone and as Cassandra Clare says, “Words have the power to change us.”


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