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Nobody’s Child

Nobody’s Child is a short story about a girl Abigail who went missing 15 years ago and now claims to be alive:

The old couple was shocked when they first heard that their daughter was calling after fifteen years. They denied it, thinking it’s just a prank call. But when the police came the other day to tell them that their daughter is alive and coming to meet them, they said they don’t want to meet her. The police looked bewildered when the old couple denied meeting their missing daughter. The old man was tensed, the creases on his forehead clearly portrayed that something was wrong.

Lara Johnson, a young police officer sensed something was fishy. She began investigating the old couple. The old couple didn’t answer her questions. The case was re-opened and the investigations bothered the old lady. She blurted out in anger, “This can’t be possible, and she can’t be alive? We killed her fifteen years ago.”

Nobody thought that Richardson would kill their own daughter. Mrs. Richardson flashbacks to twenty years before when they were living happily.

It was the summer of 1999, Mrs. Richardson gave birth to a beautiful daughter, Mr. Richardson loved her wife and now a new blessing came in his life. They were Catholics and their Priest baptized the little girl and named her Abigail (Father’s precious).

Years passed by and as summer grew into autumn and then into winter and spring, Abigail turned five. She was a cheerful kid, her smile was infectious. Anybody who used to meet the little girl would become fond of her. Neighborhood loved Abigail. Richardson was grateful to God for bestowing them such a blessing. Whenever they would see Abigail, all their worries would fade away.

One day, when Mr. Richardson was in his office, her wife called her, “Honey! Abigail is not feeling well, she is vomiting blood.”

Mr. Richardson left his office immediately, “OH! I am coming, we will take her to the hospital.”

The couple took their daughter to the hospital and the doctor informed them that she is suffering from blood cancer. The couple couldn’t digest the information that their little baby is suffering from the illness. The doctor informed them that the illness can be cured and the couple needs to have their DNA tests done.

Some Days later, the doctor called and informed them that their stem cells don’t match with Abigail. The doctor paused for a moment and said, “Umm… There’s something else I need to tell you.”

Both the couple listened carefully, “Well, from DNA test, we found out that Abigail is not your daughter.”

Mr. Richardson was angry to listen to this, “What are you saying, my wife, gave birth to that child?”

The doctor said, “Well, I am saying only what DNA reports are saying.”

The couple was shocked. The next day, they visited the hospital, where Mrs. Richardson gave birth to Abigail and found out that on that day, only Mrs. Richardson gave birth to a baby. They were confused, but they were not giving up. They asked about the doctors and nurses that were present at that time and found out a nurse who could tell a story.

“Actually……. You delivered a dead baby, and someone had abandoned this girl in the hospital just a day before you came, so the doctors thought of giving this baby a new home.” The nurse said it carefully, laying more emphasis on ‘New Home.’

The couple was angry, shocked, and screaming at the doctors who kept all of the information confidential. They returned home, exhausted to learn the new truth. Abigail was crying in the next room but since she was not their real daughter, they were not concerned about her now. They started screaming on a five-year-old kid.

One day, in the middle of the night, The Richardson took the little Abigail in their car and threw her in a river. They watched her crying, calling her parents but they stood like a statue watching her drowning. The next day, they filed a report in the police station that somebody kidnapped their daughter at midnight. Mr. Richardson presented the fake marks on his forehead, the police couldn’t find the little girl, and the case was closed.

And now, who was this girl calling them after fifteen years? They couldn’t believe that Abigail would be alive, even if somebody had saved her from drowning, there was no chance that cancer would have spared her life.

Lara investigated the case and it was found out that the nurse, who told the couple about the truth of the baby was behind all this. She was Abigail’s biological mother.

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