‘ Sad Was Sad ‘

‘ Sad Was Sad ‘ is a type of  feghoot short story :

Once upon a time, there was a little fellow named “SAD”. It was quite a different name so was he.
Sad was sad about everything. He was sad about the everyday mornings, he was sad about lunch, he was sad about meetings, he was sad about the past. For you see sad was basically a bundle of “sadness’ and nothing more. Held together by the past, present and future sadness which wasn’t sure will come. But sad was sad always

Sad was sad why people ignore him, he was sad about being dumb, he was sad about being innocent, he was sad about loneliness, he was sad about work. Sad was sad about anything and everything. And after being sad about it all. He becomes sad again for some more just to be sure.
So one day sad was so sad about everything around him, he decided to leave everything behind and travel the world where he doesn’t need to be sad about things around him except being sad about himself. Crazy it sounds, sad was still sad. Ah! Not to bring his cousin brother frustration in the story then it would be much confusing who is a mutual cousin to both sad and frustration.

One day while sad had abandoned everyone else he sat down near the edge of Niagara Falls. Suddenly what he saw made him sadder. He saw people on the other side partying and having fun. He was sad how all of them are not sad, he was sad that he will have to talk to them if they come to his side where he was resting. Sad was again sad about not being enough sad. Suddenly he saw a girl sharing the cupcakes to the people around. He was sad about how she is sharing her food. He was sad while gazing at her from far. And suddenly sad saw her coming towards him. Sad was sad he will have to introduce himself, he was sad he will have to tell her his name. Ah, I forgot the full name of sad was Sadpole but he preferred only the first half as he was sad about the second half.

He closed his eyes as he couldn’t bear the light of her sparkling smile that was coming towards sad. Sad could listen to the steps coming towards her. And finally, a girl in a pink skirt, white sneakers, and a ponytail with brown eyes stood in front of her.

Hey, I am Happiness loudly the girl said and what’s your name.

Sad was still sad inside his mind. What if I talk to her I am not sad?

Will it be comfort to be not sad? Will, I lose my sadness,

Sad was sad about not being sad anymore?
“Uh, my name is sad. Sadpole is my name”

Glad to meet you wonderful that I came

Delighted and pleasant she was just like her name. Sad was sad how one could live without being sad.
And she handed the cupcake and said you must not be sad for that as it will end someday.

Excuse me? Said sad
How could you not be sad with people around you, you may get attached to them emotionally and later get ignored, how could you not be sad about the reality people are deceiving and selfish. How not?

Smiling and silent she remained. She knew sad was just sad and not happy.she knew more than being sad there is much more in the world. She held his wrist and made him stood up. Dancing with her near the edge fast winds were tossing her hairs. For the first time sad felt different. His eye locked with her’s, there was something sure and true.
Sad felt peace while his hands in her hands. His sadness was gone, sad felt loved and peace in the movement. The movement which sad wanted to live for life. Sad was still sad how come his sad not feed.

Is it a magical spell she made or an illusion she created?

Sad was suddenly dancing and smiling when happiness dragged him along,

stepped on his feet, and kissed him on the lips.

Sad wasn’t sad anymore and was living the present without being sad
She introduced sad to the people. Sad was happy with Happiness
And Happiness said to sad
“Now live life with a new surprise”


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Muneeb Zargar

Muneeb Zargar

My name is Muneeb. Proud Storyteller from Kashmir & an Electronics Engineer by choice.

4 thoughts to “‘ Sad Was Sad ‘”

  1. A very different concept and indeed an interesting one.There was a flow which tied me to reach till the end.
    And happy to see that Sad was surrounded with happiness..!!!

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