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Son Who Ignored His Mother Later Grieved

“Son Who Ignored His Mother Later Grieved” a short story :

It was a usual morning, Atika woke up at 7 am being strict about her early to rise schedule for the last 65 years now. Atika was a mother of 3, all her children married and settled.

Atika has been living with her younger son Waqaar from the last 9 years after her elder son was separated from the house by Atika’s husband Kareem. Though Atika fought a lot at that time to keep the family joint and not nuclear but her husband loved his younger son more and handed over the Un-rightful part of the property to his elder son Hassan and asked him to leave the house with his wife and children.

Coming to the story Atika started her day keeping herself busy in general morning household activities like making the tea, bread, and keeping the breakfast ready for other members.

Huma, wife of Waqaar also joined her mother in law in the kitchen and while they were busy in casual gossips Atika felt a heavy head. While taking a sip of water from the glass she told about the situation to Huma who didn’t seem much worried about it and lost in daydreaming continued stirring the spoon in the tea

While suddenly not with much concern Huma Replied:

Take some crocin and rest a little don’t make an issue in the morning.

Atika sighed and preferred to remain silent though her words prodded her heart. But Atika knew this isn’t a normal headache. With blurry vision, she went into another room in spite of her own bedroom as she didn’t want to disturb her husband Kareem who was still asleep.

Atika laid down slowly as her heart was really pounding fast and she was losing her state of consciousness. Meanwhile, Huma didn’t pay much attention and thought she might be having a low bp and casual headache which people usually have at this age.

Later when everyone woke, not finding Atika on the breakfast table. Waqar inquired to Huma

Where is mom?

She replied:

‘She had a severe headache, so she took some medicine and resting in another room’

Waqar dressed up and before leaving for the office he thought to check on her mom. But he found her sleeping finely and didn’t go closer to check on her. Waqar left for the office not being much bothered about her mother’s sick state.

Kareem who had a habit of waking up late had his tea and then went into Atika’s room to see her after he came to know she isn’t well.

Though Kareem was very elderly could barely walk much. He went into the room and sat next to her. He saw her sleeping but for the self-satisfaction, he pulled up her fist and checked the pulse, a bit shocked he touched her forehead with his palm Kareem concluded she may have a high fever. Kareem tried to wake her up by pushing her arm a little but she gave no response as if she was dead.

Kareem felt too much afraid and immediately shouted Huma.

Huma came running downstairs

What happened? , Huma Replied back

She isn’t responding call Waqaar fast, Kareem said

Huma analyzed her and without any delay called Waqaar over the phone, explained to him about the situation

As soon as Waqar came to know he rushed from his office and violating all the traffic rules he reached soon. After seeing her mother in the state of the coma he picked her up and asked his children to stay home with their grandfather Kareem.

Kareem insisted to come but Waqaar told him to stay. Meanwhile, Huma and Waqaar drove to the nearest hospital. Waqar phoned his elder brother Hassan and his elder sister,  briefing them about the situation and told them to reach to the hospital where he was heading towards.

Soon Waqaar reached to the hospital, laid Atika slowly on the patient bed, and moved it fast towards the emergency center. Though the emergency center was rally crowded but their panic movements made everyone stare at them.

After doctors analyzed her they shifted her to ICU until then everyone had already reached the hospital. After a while Doctors came out of the ICU and briefed everyone about the situation.

It wasn’t normal migraine or vertigo. She had a heart attack with minor stroke hours ago. If she would have been bought a little earlier, the condition would have been somehow better.

Everyone scolded Waqaar for not taking the situation seriously.

Waqar went ghost quiet and couldn’t blame himself more.

Everyone was now worried as doctors had put Atika on the ventilator and declared her condition critical for the next 24 hours.

Meanwhile, Huma whose mistake it was actually still seemed to be carelessly roaming around the corridors of the hospital.

Finally, it was mutually decided Hassan will stay back in the hospital for the first night while Huma and Waqaar will go back home.

Atika was in her 60’s and anything can happen in this age, everyone was worried

The next day there was no such improvement in Atika’s condition, though she came into her half senses but she wasn’t able to recognize any of the family members.

Later on the night, Waqaar decided to stay up for the night while others left for their homes.

In the middle of the night, Waqaar fell asleep on the corner of her mother’s bed near her feet and while he was asleep he didn’t know Atika was about to have another heart attack.

Suddenly Waqaar got woke by the alarm beeps of ventilator machine he ran towards general ward calling for doctors. And finally, they shifted her to OT again.

It was already 4 am in the morning when Waqaar called everyone and requested them to reach the hospital soon.

Everyone was waiting outside when after few long hours doctors came out and narrated

If you people had bought her earlier on the first day maybe things would have been different today but we are sorry to say

She is no more…

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