A Teacher Called ‘Life’

A Teacher Called ‘Life’ – A Short Story


Panting, huffing, and puffing came to Vaibhav running from the terrace. it was quite late. His mother was working in the kitchen, as usual, preparing the dinner. Hearing her son, screaming down the stairs, she thought exasperatedly “here, comes the boy with more of his stories and questions”.

But this time, there were no stories. Instead Vaibhav entered the house with a stricken look on his face. He was pale and looked worried. His mother scooped him up in her arms, which were full of Atta (flour) just a min ago.

She asked the boy what happened but he just could not say anything. His yelp for help was drowned in his attempt for gasping breath. His mother held him for a while and soothed the boy. Between washing his face and making him drink some water, she held him secure.

Vaibhav, between his sobs, told her about an injured pigeon who lay on the terrace.

Vaibhav took his mother holding her finger to the terrace and pointed silently at the corner.

In the corner, there lay a pigeon…an injured one. With its eyes darting back and forth, it looked bracing for captivity. It kind of flinched with every attempt to make contact with it.

All efforts to comfort the bird failed. Vaibhav was getting more and more distraught. He got his sister’s toy utensils and filled them with dal and some water. He was aware that he would probably get his mother’s thrashings for spilling the dal all over the counter. But he felt happy that he could make an attempt to save the poor bird.

He finally managed to get the bird to his home and decided to care for it. So, he began his journey to nurse the pigeon back to health. With the help of his mother, he learned how to open the beak of the bird and feed small little grains and a few drops of water as well. Few days in captivity made him strong enough to fly off free into the wide expanse of the sky riddled with cottony clouds.

It is important to be compassionate towards everyone. More so, to beings that may not seem to make a great difference to our existence.


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Priyanka Kanjilal

Priyanka Kanjilal

A computer graduate who is now a full-time writer, Priyanka feels that stories are a medium to narrate and share the various experiences of life.

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