Loss or Gain – Tale Of A Woman

Loss or Gain – Tale Of A Women

Meera belonged to a typical middle-class family. When she reached marriageable age, she was married to Umesh, a young man with a private job with low-medium income and they started off their life. Soon, Meera came to know about Umesh’s drinking habits. Umesh was a drunkard and would go out with his friends, have a few drinks and play cards and would often lose. He would come home frustrated with the loss, then would fight and abuse Meera and sleep till late, missing his work the next day.

Meera was a student of home science, hence she knew stitching and knitting. She took knitting and stitching jobs and tried to be able to afford food at least. Umesh forcibly used those earnings too for his drinking purposes. This continued for a few years and Meera had no child of her own. She was working hard, day and night just to be able to feed both of them. She did not have any education worth mentioning and often sulked with grief over her uncertain future.

One day, frustrated Meera, determined to not bear any more from Umesh decided to end her life by lying on the railway tracks. She had finished her daily chores and left before her husband came home. She waited for the train to end her grief and pain. God has his own plans, and the train hit Meera, and she flew off the track. The train tracks were usually deserted during the noon and not many people came that way. She was hurt and in great pain. She got up crying and fussing over her wounds when she realized that probably God did not want her to die. She thanked the Almighty for her life and promised herself to ‘deal’ with the situation. She was about to cross the tracks and move towards the narrow lane beside it when she heard
a helpless baby crying. It was a girl.

She searched for the baby’s mother or someone who could help her. Meera’s hands were injured, but more than the pain she felt a sense of gratitude. She took the child to the hospital and treated her and the child’s minor injuries. She then went to the village elder to narrate her part of the story and how she came to have a child in her arms. The guilt of trying to take her life as a coward gave Meera the motivation to raise the baby herself and not leave her on someone else’s mercy.

Meera decided to take the matters of her life in her own hands, took her child along with her, moved to another city, but the thought of survival would torture her day and night. She was entitled to her living with freedom and happiness as well. She was initially helped by a few villagers who had a relative living in the nearby city. With a place to stay, Meera started job hunting and finally settled for the job of a cook for a big joint family. She worked tirelessly and her efforts did not go unnoticed. The people in the family also praised her for her skills. They finally helped her start her own meal service from home. She employed two workers under her to help her.

She always regretted the fact that had she gathered this strength earlier, and not thought of suicide, she would have had a better life sooner.

**** End Of Story*****

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Priyanka Kanjilal

Priyanka Kanjilal

A computer graduate who is now a full-time writer, Priyanka feels that stories are a medium to narrate and share the various experiences of life.

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